Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Büyüktede visited AOSB

Industry and Technology Assistant Vice-President Aosbyi visited
Industry and Technology Assistant Vice-President Aosbyi visited

Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology visited Adana Organized Industrial Zone and received information about the works in the region.

Deputy Minister Büyükdede, accompanied by Ministry of Industry and Technology Department Head Orhan Kılıç, Adana Provincial Director of Science Industry and Technology Remzi Özdoğan, President of the Chamber of Industry İsrafil Cliff and Industry Chamber Secretary General Bora Kocaman with AOSBmizde, Chairman of the Board of Directors Bekir Sütcü, Chairman Ömer Kaya was hosted by the members of the Board of Directors, Yusuf Kara, Selahattin Onatça, Mehmet Nedim Büyüknacar and Regional Director Ersin Akpınar.

President Bekir Sütcü briefed the Deputy Minister Büyükdede about the studies in the region and thanked the industrialist for their sensitivity. Ay As an industrialist; We are proud of our minister, our esteemed minister and all of your ministry managers who understand us, know our troubles, listen, are solution-oriented, are always as close to us as a phone. This support you give us is transformed into investment and employment in our country. We can't thank you enough about this. Welcome, honor. Iniz

Adana-Ceyhan D-400 The President, who talked about the location and logistic advantages of the area on the highway, avantaj Our AOSB is passing through the D-400 State Highway and TCDD Railway from the South and is an ideal area with air, sea, rail and road connection facilities. " said.

444 enterprise in the region, 51 enterprise is in the project stage, 61 enterprise is under construction, emphasizing our President Bekir Sütcü, a mixed structure in terms of sectoral distribution, he said.

Sütcü stated that they are trying to maximize investor satisfaction with a service concept that facilitates and accelerates bureaucratic works, provides all necessary operations in a single administration building and cares about corporate culture and corporate values.

Adana OSB, which has all the basic production equipment such as electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, landscaping, environment, security and transportation; Noting that they provide electricity, water and natural gas to the industrialists at very reasonable prices, our President Sütcü pointed out that the land prices were also suitable. esi 150 square meters with a total area of ​​283.450 and each of them have various sizes, the lower and the superstructure have been completed. it is ready to be invested to be allocated somehow bir.

Dairy AOSB Chairman, Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) in his "Turkey's Top 500 Industrial Enterprises 2017" Research on; He noted that there are 5 companies operating in AOSB and 500 companies in the Second 10.

President Dairy, "Industrial Zones in Turkey between the first and only EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management)" on defined 4 stars for competence in Excellence "award owner of the island to the further addition of up removal of the service quality OSB, will lead to lower production costs and continue to expand export opportunities.

Stating that the infrastructure of the region has been renewed continuously, Mayor Sütcü also informed about the new projects planned to be made.

Chairman Bekir Dairy, Turkey's east gate and the driving force of exports to the island aosb'n the city exports more than half of the meet and that Turkey's 2023 years in 500 billion export target in line with continued investments and production, he added.

Deputy Minister Büyükdede emphasized the importance of indigenous production, emphasizing that they are always near the industrialists in this regard. Deputy Minister Büyükdede, then visited some facilities in the region, made investigations.



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