Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Istanbul Airport

Frequently asked questions and answers about Istanbul airport
Frequently asked questions and answers about Istanbul airport

Istanbul Airport, which took place in the headlines as the world's largest airport and opened in October 29, brought about endless questions about this time since it was put into operation.
Istanbul Airport, which has attracted attention with its technology, architecture, design and functional features and is the main agenda item due to the relocation process, hosted 119 bin 268 and 83 bin 310 passengers on the inner line in January-February.

Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers about Istanbul Airport as follows:


1- General questions about the airport

1.1. What will be the code of Istanbul Airport?
Until the completion of the operation of Turkish Airlines to the Istanbul Airport, 'ISL' will be completed and the 'IST' code will be used after the completion of the transportation.

1.2. When will Istanbul Airport be opened?
Istanbul Airport was opened on 29 October 2018. 6 2019 02 00 14 00 6 2019 14 00 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX all flights will be carried out from Istanbul Airport.

1.3. What will be the address of Istanbul Airport? Which district?
Istanbul Airport is located on the 7.650 hectare area between Arnavutkoy-Göktürk-Çatalca junction and the Akpınar and Yeniköy neighborhoods.
Open address, Tayakadın Mah. Terminal Cad. No 1 34283 will be in Arnavutköy / Istanbul.

1.4. Where can I get a map of Istanbul Airport?
Istanbul Airport provides easy access and effective routing, web-based and web-based maps and routing solutions with Google Maps and special mobile applications. Istanbul Airport is on the D20 road; one end of the path is connected to TEM. O7 connection is available in Odayeri. These ways have the option of connecting to both TEM and E5.
For flights to Istanbul Airport

1.5. Where can you find detailed information about Istanbul Airport?
More information about the airport Can be accessed through the website.

1.6. Where is the VIP terminal?
The VIP terminal is located in the southeast of Istanbul Airport. There will be 23.000 m² lounge area in the terminal. The 75 of the lounge areas will be located in the center of the duty-free terminal where the terminal is the busiest, while the remaining 25 will be located on the land side (before the passport control) and in the passenger terminal.

1.7. How long will be the distance between the Domestic and International Terminals?
There are no separate terminals for domestic and international lines at Istanbul Airport. Operation will be carried out in different piers (islands) under a single roof. The distance between the two farthest points at Istanbul Airport is 2.130 m.

1.8. Will there be private counter and security pass for business travelers?
There will be separate transit areas for business travelers and different counters that make baggage transactions. Our business passengers will be able to pass through the door 5 assigned to them.

1.9. Will there be a waiting area to meet the incoming passenger? Where will it be?
IGA's website will be used for the location and transportation information of all venues in Istanbul Airport and map applications that will be used in special applications will be used.

1.10. Can a visa be received at Istanbul Airport? How is the information available?
As in Istanbul Atatürk Airport, the visa application at the door will continue at Istanbul Airport. Since the e-visa kiosks will not be available at Istanbul Airport, our passengers must arrive at the airport after receiving their e-visas. IGA's website will be used for the location and transportation information of all venues in Istanbul Airport and map applications that will be used in special applications will be used.

1.11. Where to buy overseas exit stamp?
The foreign check-out stamp will be sold in the offices located in front of the passport control area on the alan Outbound Passenger böl floor. The amount of wages is determined by the Ministry of Finance.

1.12. Where is the General Aviation Terminal?
When the first phase is completed, there will be a zone that will provide Hav General Aviation bir service under a Hav Pier G al as a separate terminal.

1.13. Are there flight information screens at the airport? How can flights be seen online?
Flights within the Istanbul Airport can be viewed online and via the applications.

1.14. Is there a lot of passport control?
Flights to Istanbul Airport must be at least 2 hours before the airport. In addition to this, after the departure of Turkish Airlines, the departure time of the passport control can be made depending on the flight lines and hours, and at least 3 hours must be at the airport for international flights. 228 passport attendant will work in 3 passport desk at 750 to be located at Istanbul Airport in order to avoid density.

1.15. Where will the flight delays in Istanbul Airport be learned?
Passenger's home will be directed to the door to the flight and the time will be calculated, the passenger looking for the product in the terminal building, easy to find the store they are looking for, special discounts, interested brands and stores near the mobile applications will be used to notify. Similarly, flight points, clocks, delays, etc. information can be followed from these applications.

1.16. How long can it be done before check-in?
Online check-in can be arranged 24 hours prior to the flight, and the airport kiosk can be checked until the 12 time is left before the 90 hour. For 24 hours before the luggage, passengers can be operated for 8 hours before the luggage. However, for flights requiring special security, the counters can be traded before 3 hours.

1.17. How long should the flight be ready at the airport before check-in?
Our passengers must be present at the terminal at least 2 hours before flights from Istanbul Airport. In addition, after the Turkish Airlines operation is completed, at least 2 hours in domestic flights and at least 3 hours before international flights will be required to be checked-in at the airport.

1.18. Istanbul airport will take the plane to the bus?
There will be 143 passenger bellows at Istanbul Airport. At the rate of% 80 the bellows will be used, but some airline companies will continue to use the bus.

1.19. Will transfer passengers have the opportunity to stay at the airport?
Within the airport, YOTEL hotel will be served with the number of 451 rooms (after the 104 room passport control, before the 347 room passport control) for the accommodation of the transfer passengers.

1.20. How can the prohibited items removed from the baggage be taken later?
The goods that are inconvenient for flight safety and security are kept by the airport operator. Detained items must be received in person or by letter (by proxy) from the relevant place within the time specified; otherwise these items are destroyed. A substance that is not suitable for transport in the trunk can be taken later from the Of Lost and Found Office Bagaj or from the locked safety lockers.

2- Questions about the airport construction and its surroundings

2.1. Where is the closest hotel to Istanbul Airport?
The construction of the Yotel Hotel, which will serve in the airport complex, is ongoing. When the airport is opened, the hotel will be opened to service.

2.2. What are the places to spend time in Istanbul Airport?
Construction of an Outlet Shopping Mall and duty free areas to be opened within the airport complex is underway. When the airport is opened, the duty free area will be opened.

3- Questions about transportation to the airport

3.1. How to get from the city center? Will there be Havataş / Havaş / Havabüs or other vehicles for transportation?
Located on the European Side of Istanbul, Istanbul Airport is 35 km from the city center. You can reach the airport from many points of the city by Havaist and IETT public transportation and personal vehicles or by taxi. For detailed information address can be visited.

3.2. Where will the means of transportation come from; How will the routes and fees be?
Bus routes and other information to Istanbul Airport by İstanbul Otobüs İşletmeleri A.Ş. can be accessed from. In addition, Istanbul Ataturk Airport - Istanbul Airport, Mecidiyekoy - Istanbul Airport, Halkalı- IETT flights are planned to be used by our passengers on Istanbul Airport routes.

3.3. When will the Metro be operational and what line will it follow?
The metro is planned to open in the last quarter of 2019. The first stop is the metro line located in Gayrettepe and will reach the airport which is the last stop by following the line of Kağıthane, Kemerburgaz, Göktürk and İhsaniye. When the line is completed; At Gayrettepe station, M2 will be integrated with Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro line and metrobus plant.

3.4. How will Istanbul Airport taxi fare be?
Taxi tariffs applied in Istanbul will also be valid at Istanbul Airport. For detailed information 34. No. Taxi Cooperative can be contacted.

3.5. Will there be special taxis to Istanbul Airport?
A design to be distinguished from other taxis is being prepared. 660 commercial taxi will be used in the first place. For detailed information 34. No. Taxi Cooperative can be contacted.

3.6. Istanbul Airport from European Side (Taksim) and Anatolian Side (Kadıköy) how many kilometers away? How to reach the airport from these places?
53 km from Istanbul Airport to Taksim, Kadıköy is 65 km. Transportation will be provided by the methods used in other airport transportation such as IETT, taxi and private vehicle.

3.7. When will the transportation to Istanbul Airport be completed and will be paid?
As a main line, connection roads of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge can be used as D20 North Marmara Motorway. All connection roads are covered by the General Directorate of Highways.

3.8. How do I get to Istanbul / Otogara / sea bus / TEM / 15 July Martyrs' Bridge?
Istanbul Airport is on the D20 road and one end of the road is connected to TEM. O7 connection is available in Odayeri. both TEM and by these means are available the option to connect to exnumx. You can use map applications for information about transportation lines. In order to avoid any problems in transportation, the activities and investments of IMM, IETT and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure continue. 5 pieces in the first place will provide commercial taxi transportation service.

3.9. Are there day tours of Istanbul? How will participation in tours be provided?
Information and services will be available from the travel agencies at the airport. You can use the map application for the location of travel agencies and transportation information. The tourismanbul service of Turkish Airlines will continue in Istanbul Airport.

4- Questions about services at the airport

4.1. Will there be duty-free space on their international flights?
There will be 39.812 m² on the outgoing passenger floor and 13.998 m² duty-free area on the incoming passenger floor.

Will there be eating / drinking venues at 4.2 Istanbul Airport?
There will be various eating / drinking facilities within the 33.000 m² area within the Istanbul Airport.

4.3. Is there an ambulance / doctor / infirmary / pharmacy in Istanbul Airport?
This service will be provided at Istanbul Airport as well as at every international airport. There will be 24 hour clinic service on both the outbound and transfer floors. There is also a pharmacy in the terminal.

4.4. Will the car rental / exchange office / bank / PTT / blueprint services be available?
In the solid passenger reception area at Istanbul Airport, there will be car rental, 21 currency exchange office, bank in-room meeting room, bank and PTT and ATM services of all banks. 58,7 m² ATM area has been created in order to be positioned on the incoming passenger floor and 16 ATMs are planned for this area. 32 units will serve 9 units on the outgoing passenger floor, on the international air side (after the Passport Control).

4.5. Tailor / shoe shine / hairdresser / barber / masjid will be found?
Istanbul Airport will include tailor, shoe shine, hairdresser, barber and masjid. There will be 1 dry cleaning shop in the terminal arriving passenger floor. Map applications can be used for location and transportation information. Shoe repair service will be provided in the terminal outbound passenger check-in area.

4.6. Will there be mobile phone and line sales? Will there be Wi-Fi service?
There will be shops at Istanbul Airport that can be purchased by mobile phone and line. The phone line sales and mobile phone sales points will be in the designated areas for the GSM operators in the hall of passengers arriving in the terminal. Wi-Fi service will be offered at Istanbul Airport.

4.7. Will there be private space and service for disabled / sick passengers? What special solutions will be available for the fast transport of sick passengers?
Services will be offered for passengers who require special attention. Istanbul Airport will have the sahip Barrier-Free Airport Havalimanı certificate. Disabled passengers can enter the terminal after entering the terminal and accompany them to the aircraft. In addition to this, there will be seating areas for the passengers with disabilities in the check-in counters, telephone, fax services, disabled toilets and warning lines for the visually impaired. For the patients coming with ambulance, the application at Istanbul Atatürk Airport will continue at Istanbul Airport.

4.8. Will there be smoking areas?
There will be a total of 14 smoking area / balcony at the airport. There will be 4 on the floor of the acak International Line Outbound N, 2 on the lar Domestic Line Outbound, floor, 1 on the “International Line Transfer yan floor, 2 on the” Suspended Floor X and 5 in the Hat Pier Blocks ında.

4.9. Will a tax refund be made?
Tax refund can be made at Istanbul Airport. The tax refund offices will be located on both the outgoing floor land side and the outgoing passport behind.

4.10. Will there be parking and valet service? How will the fees be?
7 24 / 40.000 which provides service in accordance with the capacity of Istanbul Airport will be a paid car park. The 18.000 capacity will be closed and the 22.000 vehicle will serve as an open car park. The determination of the fees is the responsibility of the Airport Operator.

4.11. Can the announcement be made at Istanbul Airport?
The announcement will take place at Istanbul Airport as in all other airports. Announcements will be made regionally and at low volume. For example; If an announcement is to be made at the F5 gate, F6 or F4 will not hear the announcement. Announcements will be made in Turkish and English.

4.12. Will there be a space to watch planes, watch landing-take-offs, take photos and videos at Istanbul Airport?
There will be a section for observation at the airport, but there will not be a separate section for tracing passengers.

4.13. Will there be special areas for children?
There will be special care and play areas for children. 5 will be a total 855 m² children's playground in different regions. In each area, there will be 2 family rooms with toilets. Map applications can be used for their location and transportation information.

4.14. Can the baby stroller be rented between the terminals?
Information can be obtained from the passenger consultation points.

4.15. Will there be a place to print out at Istanbul Airport?
It is planned to open the stores that can be printed out in the terminal outgoing passenger check-in area and in the terminal arriving passenger floor.

4.16. Will the passengers have the opportunity to take a shower at Istanbul Airport?
There will be a shower in the airport hotel located in the terminal.

5- Questions about flights

5.1. Will Istanbul Ataturk Airport flights continue?
Until the completion of the operation of Turkish Airlines from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport on 6 April 2019, the existing flights will continue to be carried out from Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

5.2. What are the airlines and scheduled flights from Istanbul Airport?
Turkish Airlines will grow further at Istanbul Airport and will be able to fly to more destinations. Airlines operating in Istanbul Atatürk Airport will also be located in Istanbul Airport, there will be no difference in operational terms. Detailed information on IGA Can be accessed through the website.

Questions about 6- Turkish Cargo

6.1. What changes will be related to AWB?
The two airports will be the Customs Directorate. For this reason, L ISL “must be produced for Havalimanı IST kar coded to Istanbul Atatürk Airport until the departure of Turkish Airlines.
”IST“ should be produced for “Istanbul“ cargos coming to Istanbul Airport after the Turkish Airlines relocation operation has taken place.

6.2. Does the truck company have GPS? How will shipments be tracked?
It will be a coordinating center of the truck company that undertakes the transportation between ports and will continuously monitor the tracking of truck mobility from here. They will be in communication with the coordination team formed on the cargo side. At the same time, all processes will be under the supervision of the transitional emergency response group. All trucks that will be in service during the transportation process will be equipped with a GPS device.

6.3. Will there be changes in shipping option times?
There will be no changes in the option periods since the Turkish Airlines operations will be accepted in two airports.

6.4. What will be the connection times, offload statuses in TK Plus applications? Will TK Plus be only PAX to PAX (between passenger aircraft) or Freighter to Freighter (between cargo planes)?
The TK Plus application will also prioritize the cargo that will be transported between ports, such as PAX to PAX (passenger-passenger), FRE to FRE (cargo-cargo).

6.5. Will there be separate follow-up teams that can be contacted directly, even though temporarily, at both ports? (tracing-pax (following passenger plane), tracing-truck (trawler tracking), tracing-freighter (such as cargo plane tracking)
For all processes tracing services will be provided.

6.6. What are the additional measures to be taken for special cargo transportation? A sufficient number of adjustable temperatures, special safety etc. for special cargo transport. Is the truck available?
All cargoes subject to transfer between airports were analyzed. According to the results of this analysis, temperature controlled certified cruises were planned so as not to hinder the transfer operations and keep the connection times short. All our trucks will be closed safes, will be tracked by GPS, the shipment will be carried out with the vehicles sealed under the supervision of customs and security.

6.7. What is the transition date of the cargo department to Istanbul Airport?
Our satellite cargo facility at Istanbul Airport will be opened after the operation of Turkish Airlines and the passenger aircraft cargo operation will be managed from here. The main cargo operation will continue to be carried out from Istanbul Atatürk Airport until our main cargo facilities are completed.

6.8. In terms of cargo customs legislation in Turkey has to offer customers in-transit movements Is there an additional document?
If the declaration is required, the bill of the goods is required, but if there is no declaration, there will be no need for a different document in terms of customs.

6.9. Where and how will customs proceed?
There will be a customs authority at both airports. Import and export operations will continue with the current operation. In order to facilitate operational transactions for the cargoes to be transported between the airports, the required demands have been made from the Ministry of Customs and the process will be managed successfully.

6.10. How will the option and reservation be made for the deliveries of international shipments?
Certain parts of the cargo may land at different airports. The AWB is arranged based on the output and arrival station, the transfer points are not shown on the AWB. There will be no problem as long as there is a connection between the points when there is no gap between the points during the booking process.

6.11. How will pre-alert be given? Istanbul Airport - Istanbul Ataturk Airport?
The passenger will be sent to the relevant e-mail address at the Istanbul Airport where the cargo airplanes will be at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Individual mail addresses will be created.

6.12. Why will we work with two airports in this way? What is the reason for this process?
Our main cargo facility built at Istanbul Airport will be one of the largest cargo facilities in the world.

6.13. Will Istanbul Airport be the other technical infrastructure at Istanbul Atatürk Airport? For example, will there be plug-in locations and barcode readers for envirotainer? Will the same conditions be met?
Yes, the same conditions will be met.

6.14. Will the TK Plus application continue or will a temporary release be suspended temporarily?
The TK Plus application will continue.

6.15. How will the tariffs be?
A timetable has been created to keep the connection times to a minimum and to optimize the operational storage volume. Especially for our products that require short connection time, a model has been created to meet this need.

6.16. Will an embargo be applied for all cargoes during the operation of Turkish Airlines?
Although there is no embargo, planning will be made considering the restriction / stopping of flights during Turkish Airlines' relocation operation. Necessary measures will be taken to keep our service quality at the highest level.

6.17. Will there be a tractor trip to Ankara and Izmir? Which airport will be used?
The cargoes that come with the cargo aircraft will be transported from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to domestic destinations. Cargos that need to be shipped to domestic destinations with a passenger plane and truck transport will be transported mainly by domestic passenger air travel.

6.18. How will the total safety of the cargos to be transported between the two airports be ensured?
The transport company which will carry the cargoes subject to the transfer operations shall have the certificates accepted by the relevant aviation authorities. Shipments shall be made to closed trucks and transported by cargo, Customs Ministry Officer, TK Personnel and sealed under the supervision of security. The trucks to be transported will also be monitored within the scope of systems such as GPS, geo-fencing.

6.19. How will the connection between Istanbul Airport, Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport be provided?
Transportation will be made between Istanbul Airport and Istanbul Atatürk Airport. There will be no change in the transfer process to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

6.20. Which flights will take place in Istanbul Airport in the first phase, which will take place at Istanbul Atatürk Airport?
In the first phase, cargo flights will be carried out from Istanbul Atatürk Airport and passenger flights from Istanbul Airport.

6.21. Will there be cargo handling and handling at both airports?
Yes, cargo handling and handling processes will be carried out at both airports.

6.22. What is the distance between the current cargo terminal and Istanbul Airport?
The distance between Istanbul Airport and the current cargo terminal building is about 45 km. The average duration of transport between ports is 1,5 hours. However, the number of vehicles was taken into consideration and the number of vehicles was determined accordingly.

6.23. Will there be an innovation in the new cargo terminal (transfer to port, rail service etc.)?
In the following period, the transfer model including land, air, sea and rail will be possible, but only the highway connection will be provided in the first place.

6.24. Will the same quality service be offered in the interim period between the old and new cargo terminal replacement?
The land transportation process will be carried out carefully by our trained personnel in the accuracy of aircraft loading. All necessary safety measures will be taken and relevant national and international standards will be followed. Therefore, there will be no difference in terms of service standards in this process.

6.25. When will the cargo be moved to Istanbul Airport?
Passenger aircraft operation will be carried out at Istanbul Airport. Cargo flights will be served from Istanbul Atatürk Airport for a while. Interconnections will not change. The capacity increase will be achieved by using two airports. When completed, a cargo area of ​​165.000 m2 will be put into service.

6.26. Which airports will be brought to Istanbul from abroad or from abroad?
The funerals will be brought to Istanbul Atatürk Airport until the departure of Turkish Airlines. Relevant details and changes will be communicated to the passengers in detail during the operation.

7- Questions about luggage and lost items

7.1. Will there be a left-luggage office?
2 units shall be located at separate points in the hall of the passengers in the meeting room of the corresponding passengers. There will also be electronic luggage cabinets in the terminal outbound passenger check-in area.

7.2. Will there be trolley for carrying luggage? Where are the places?
Trolley shall be provided for the transportation of baggage. 3.500 on the land side (before the passport control), 1.500 baggage car on the air side (after the passport control) will be located.

7.3. What to do if the baggage is lost? What information will be needed to claim a lost property?
When our passengers check in with the new baggage scanning monitoring system, the baggage barcode is defined immediately. Scanned luggage is constantly monitored. In case of any loss to be experienced in Istanbul Airport, the bagaj Lost and Found Office ve may be applied to the kayıp Lost and Found Office İstanbul and the Turkish Airlines website can be followed through the baggage problems page.

7.4. How will the cak Lost and Found Office “be reached? Where will the lost items be delivered? Where will the current status of lost property claims be learned? What happens to missing items that contain personal information?
The abilir Lost and Found Office ş can be reached by phone or in person. The location of the uygulam Lost and Found Items Office İstanbul at Istanbul Airport can be found in the directions, maps and applications. You can receive your found items from the görüş Lost and Found Office ıp for signature, you can find out the situation of your goods by talking to the karş Lost and Found Office isi. Articles containing personal information are kept and stored.

7.5. Is breast milk free of fluid rules?
100-liter liquid can be transported in packets of 1ml in the baggage of the hand. Other liquid products must be shipped with the baggage.

7.6. Can a meal or a drink be put in the hand luggage?
In hand luggage, liquid gel and aerosol can be transported in 1ml containers at maximum 100 LT locking bag. Liquid and similar food and beverages in containers larger than 100 ml should be given to the baggage. The rules for dry food transport can be used for information on the website and mobile applications.

7.7. What happens when an identity remains at the checkpoint?
Ilebilir Lost and Found Office isi can be applied.

7.8. What is the baggage weight limit?
Detailed information about the baggage weight limit is available on our website, from our call centers and from our sales offices.

7.9. What are the rules of flying with pets? Should an additional fee be paid?
Information on this subject The page can be accessed via.

7.10. Can I take the sleep apnea machine with me?
You can get detailed support from the Turkish Airlines call center. (444 0 849)

8- Safety-related questions

8.1. Will the transition procedure from the security be different?
1 land side at Istanbul Airport (before passport control) and 1 air side (after passport control) will be 2 control area. With the help of advanced technology X-ray devices, thermal cameras and advanced technology detectors at the airport, risk detection will be facilitated and the operation time will be shortened.

8.2. Can internet be used during flights from Istanbul Airport?
Wi-Fi can be used according to the technical equipment of Turkish Airlines aircraft.

8.3. How does the Full body scanner work? How is the personal information that is generated during scanning protected?
For information on safety procedures, contact the passenger information center.

8.4. What are the size restrictions for carrying cases?
2340Hand luggage can be taken into the cabin in dimensions of 55 cm.

8.5. Can musical instruments be taken into the aircraft?
Information on this subject address.

8.6. Do piercing need to be removed during the search?
No, the piercing does not need to be removed.

8.7. Are there any additional information that passengers traveling with medication should know?
It is forbidden to transport liquid on the aircraft except for 100 ml liquid provided that the bag is in a locked pouch. Grain drugs can be taken in the hand luggage.

8.8. What happens to guns in bags left in Istanbul Airport?
The guns left at the airport are taken by the security and taken to the delivery.

8.9. What happens to the items on the security checkpoints? Is there a process?
The items forgotten at the security checkpoints are delivered to the ve Lost and Found Office Güvenlik.

8.10. Should passengers traveling with an ostomy bag pass the bag while passing security?
Special cases are handled in the same way as at all airports.

8.11. What is the procedure for passengers with an internal or external medical device, such as a pacemaker or a metal implant, when passing security?
Special cases are handled in the same way as at all airports.

8.12. What should be done to ensure that the X-ray device does not give a warning? In which case is manual search done?
X-ray devices at Istanbul Airport will include high precision for safety reasons. Passenger's metal goods, key chain, coin, etc. If there are objects, they will give a warning. Security guards can also search manually if they deem necessary.

8.13. Can you board a plane with a mobile barcode without a boarding pass?
The board can also be boarded with the mobile barcode, which replaces the boarding pass.

8.14. Passengers who forget their identity can go through security screening?
Passing without identity is not possible. For security reasons, the original identity must be presented.

8.15. Is it enough to show identity from e-government?
The document shown from e-government is not valid because it is not the original identity.

8.16. What if the passenger is determined to be traveling with a product that is considered a hazardous material?
If a product considered to be a hazardous material is found, it is confiscated and taken into custody.


1- General questions about Turkish Airlines

1.1. Will Turkish Airlines fly from Istanbul Airport in Istanbul after the move?
6 2019 14 00 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Turkish Airlines XNUMX XNUMX
However, our flights to and from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport will continue as planned.

1.2. Where will Turkish Airlines check-in counters be?
The counters shall be located in the D, E, F, G, HJ, K, L zone within the Main Terminal Building. Map locations can be used for the location and transportation information of all the venues in Istanbul Airport.

1.3. Will self-check-in and Self-bag-drop counters be separate and where will they be?
Self check-in and self bag-drop points will be located at the E, F and L counters.

1.4. Will there be CIP lounge and lounge areas on domestic and international flights? Where will it be?
15.500 5 Private Passenger Hall in the Terminal belonging to Turkish Airlines is 3.500 with 1.000 m², Inbound Passenger Lounge 1.800 m², Inbound Passenger Lounge 4.600 m², International Passenger Exclusive Lounge 4.600 m² and Asma Kat ( H Solid) The Business Lounge XNUMX m² and Frequent Flyer Lounge in the Main Lounge will serve an area of ​​XNUMX m².

In addition, erece IGA Private Passenger Hall Yolcu, ”Other Airline Private Passenger Hall“, u Star Alliance Private Passenger Hall Hav will serve in the ”Outbound Passenger Salon floor. Map locations of all the places in Istanbul Airport and transportation information can be used, and directions within the area can be followed.

2- Questions about transportation and flights

2.1. When will Turkish Airlines move?
Turkish Airlines started flights to Istanbul Airport at 29 October 2018. 6 2019 02 00 April 6 2019 14 00 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

2.2. Will Turkish Airlines stop flights altogether? How many hours will not take place?
6 April 2019 will be stopped between 02: 00 and 14: 00 at noon during 6 and 2019. 14 April 00 XNUMX XNUMX

2.3. When will Turkish Airlines fly at full capacity at Istanbul Airport?
Turkish Airlines, 6 April 2019 hours 14: From 00, flights will be scheduled from Istanbul Airport as planned.

2.4. Will there be delays in flights at Istanbul Airport?
According to the tariff plans, no delay is foreseen. Passengers will be notified of any delays due to extraordinary weather or operational reasons. Service is provided at international standards and maximum care is taken to ensure the time of flights.

2.5. Where can the delays in flights be learned?
There will be many screens showing the details of flights at Istanbul Airport. Flight points, watches, delays, etc. information can be followed from these screens and applications.

2.6. Who should be contacted if the flight is delayed or canceled?
In the event of a delay or cancellation, the agency can be contacted directly by the sales office or the ticket.

2.7. What will be the rights of passengers who have bought tickets to canceled flights?
According to the rules of international air transport, passengers will be able to demand their rights within the framework of defined rules.

2.8. Where will the first flights be (domestic and international)?
29 As of October 2018, the first flights from Istanbul Airport were launched by Turkish Airlines to Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Azerbaijan (Baku) and TRNC (Ercan).

2.9. Will the number of Turkish Airlines fly?
In line with the 2023 targets, Turkish Airlines will increase the number of flights and destinations and provide more flight opportunities.

2.10. How many hours before flight to Istanbul Airport?
Inland flights must be at least 2 hours and at least 3 hours before international flights.

2.11. Where can I buy tickets to fly from Istanbul Airport?
Tickets can be purchased through all sales channels.

2.12. How will Istanbul Airport area tax be increased, will the ticket prices increase?
The area taxes of all airports vary. Ticket prices may vary depending on the flight timeframe.

3- Services inquiries

3.1. Will the Miles & Smiles application continue? Will there be additional privileges?
Miles & Smiles application will continue in the same way. We continue to work to provide better services and additional privileges for all our members.

3.2. Is it possible to become a Miles & Smiles member at Istanbul Airport? Where can information be obtained?
For Miles & Smiles membership application, information can be obtained from the M&S desks at the airport, Turkish Airlines counters and sales offices, and a membership application can be made. For detailed information I The website can be visited.

3.3. Will Turkish Airlines continue to provide flights?
Turkish Airlines will continue to offer award-winning catering services to its passengers as usual.


1.1. How many airlines will be located at Istanbul Airport?
All airlines operating in Istanbul Ataturk Airport will also be located at Istanbul Airport. According to the decision of the operator and DHMI, different airlines can also make flights.

1.2. Where are the airlines and flights from Istanbul Airport?
All airlines operating in Istanbul Ataturk Airport will also be located at Istanbul Airport. Information about airlines and flight destinations It can be accessed from.

1.3. What measures have been taken to facilitate the lives of passengers and employees at the Istanbul Airport, which has an 1,8 km walk in the terminal? (Navigation, routing, etc.)
Self-service services will be provided for passengers. Acak Self Check-in ”kiosks,“ Self-Service Bag Drop System Geçiş, “Automatic Passport Transit System Drop and-Automatic Boarding Gate” system will be activated. In addition, indoor navigation system will be commissioned in the terminal and car park and will be integrated with the external navigation (outdoor navigation) and will be guided to home-aircraft. With the services to be included in the mobile application, the passenger will be provided with the boarding pass weighing the “o-passenger-special os flight, the“ push-notification pass for the notification of the in-terminal promotions and various information such as transportation in the terminal regions. With the ecek Biometric Transition Systems terminal of the employees, intra-terminal movements will be performed more safely and faster.

1.4. What will be the mechanism for the visually impaired at the airport?
For the visually impaired persons, sensible roads will be built on the terminal at the terminal.

1.5. Do you have a precaution for old passengers?
There will be special areas on check-in islands for the service of elderly / disabled passengers, there will also be service with buggy (special vehicle) from terminal door.

1.6. What will be the annual passenger capacity of Istanbul Airport?
1. At the end of the phase, 90 will reach a million, and then 120 million and 150 million passengers. When all phases are completed (6 runway and 2 terminal building), 200 will be million.

1.7. Will the trainers who will work in the region be given trainings?
The taxi drivers who will work in the region are required to receive A1 certificate from English language courses and to renew their certificate in certain periods.

1.8. How long will it take to reach the city center by public transport?
Gayrettepe - Istanbul Airport metro line and Halkalı - The activities of the Istanbul Airport metro line continue by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Details on transportation from different points of Istanbul It can be accessed from.

1.9. Will there be special design taxis at Istanbul Airport?
A design to be distinguished from other taxis is being prepared. Taxis Cooperative continues its work.

1.10. Are simulation studies done for ground workers?
Ground works and other units in the real environment simulation studies are ongoing. Apart from this, comprehensive trainings are continuing.

1.11. Are there any works on Istanbul? What is being done with highways and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality?
The activities and investments of IMM, IETT, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure are continuing in order to make the right direction in transportation. All connection roads are covered by the General Directorate of Highways. In all these roads, Istanbul Airport route signs are placed at necessary points.

1.12. Is there a special study on information / orientation of flight gates and other facilities within Istanbul Airport?
There are average 9.000 routing signs in the terminal. The colors and symbols on the signs will be at the international standards and the simplicity that the passengers can understand.

1.13. What kind of training, information and promotion activities will you have for the airlines?
All exercises, simulations, field applications and informations continue under the coordination of the Airport Operator (IGA).

1.14. When will IT infrastructure compliance tests of stakeholders such as Istanbul Airport IT infrastructure and the General Directorate of Airlines and Civil Aviation?
Tests continue with local airlines and ground handling companies.

1.15. Is it true that the tower will serve from Istanbul Atatürk Airport for a while?
No, the construction of the tower was completed and delivered by IGA to the State Airports Authority.

1.16. How long will the technology be used in Istanbul Airport?
The best customer experience will be ensured by using the most advanced technologies in all areas at Istanbul Airport.

1.17. Istanbul Airport will be opened but the construction of the remaining areas will continue. Will this cause problems in transportation? What are your measures?
Istanbul Airport construction will be completed by the end of February. All measures will be taken to ensure passenger and flight safety. (Source: Tourism Day)

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