CHP: Gürer: Did you resign from the YHT accident in Ankara?

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CHP Niğde deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, 13 In December, the 9 died in Ankara and the high-speed train (YHT) accident on the agenda of the Parliament with the motion of the question moved.

Addressing the question of Gürer's question ti Has there been a manager and a minister who has assumed responsibility for the accident and has been a minister mu, Transport Minister Cahit Turhan explained that the general investigation is still going on.

Republican People's Party (CHP) Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, TCDD General Manager of the question, "24 watch camera with the high-speed train route, we are monitoring with the assigned staff," he said reminding the words, "What was the accident on the road with the camera? Is the information given by the General Manager wrong? Is it true that Yuksel Yuksek Tren arrives in Ankara 10 minutes before the accident? Is it true that the claim that the main mechanic who used the train was a spare mechanic train? Is it true that there is no signalization at the place of accident and that the radio request has not been met and it has been communicated with the mobile phone for a year? 2011 hal also opened this way as to how the faulty signal system opened is still not made why? Has there been a manager and a minister who has assumed responsibility for these train accidents and has never resigned? Alar asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan to answer the questions.


13 In December, the YHT accident occurred in Ankara, 9 people were killed and injured in the 84.

While making the Ankara-Konya voyage, Minister Turhan, who answered the question of CHP deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer about the square accident as a result of the collision of the high-speed train and the guide train on the rail line, said that GSM-R was used as the communication system on the YHT lines, kazanOn the line section between Ankara and Sincan, where the disaster was experienced, Traffic Controller, Movement Officer, Scissor and Machinists stated that communication was provided by making group calls (push-to-talk feature) over GSM-R.


Sincan - Eskişehir and Polatlı - Konya line for the security of the line to the places where the cameras are mounted, and also with the police officers in the locations determined by additional cameras placed in the camera lines of the YHT lines 24 watch the camera stating that the Minister Turhan, this monitoring system is running the event detection software alarms when any event is detected. The Mezkur accident occurred in the conventional (traditional) line where the maximum speed between Ankara and Sincan was 110 km / h. The camera system is not obligatory in conventional lines and the camera is not monitored. Hat

Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​​​Train departed from Ankara Station at 06.30, following its normal course, at 06.36. kazanReminding that the incident occurred, Minister Turhan stated that it is not possible for the train to arrive at the scene of the incident 10 minutes early, therefore there is no faulty signal system opened by TCDD.

Minister Turhan, CHP deputy Omer Fethi Gurer said in relation to the question: ın 12.740 kmn of the national railway network of the railway line 5.746 km (% 45) has a signaling system. The routes of the trains are carried out with the TMI (Centralized Telephone Administration of Train Traffic) on the lines where there is no signaling system.

Kayas-Sincan Line Cutting, Kayas-Ankara between the 2 line (Westinghouse), Ankara-Xinjiang between the 3 line (NipponSinyal) and Ankara Gar in (Iskra Signal) signaling systems working with a new line between Ankara and Sincan was built and new 31 was commissioned on January 2013.

Establishing sufficient train traffic infrastructure for high speed train operations (Ankara-Eskisehir-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Sivas-Erzincan-Erzurum-Kars, etc.) for Ankara-based high-speed train operations, Sincan-Ankara -Kay in the suburban suburban transportation Kayaş-Ankara-Sincan between the conventional passenger trains, east-west axle freight trains to build sufficient capacity to build the Baskentray project.

The construction of the newly designed railway lines on the entire corridor, electrification, and all other railway lines, except the north rebuilt line for station and signal assemblies, have been removed.

Since the date of 15.03.2018, under the Başkentray project, the use of TMİ (Center of Telephony Administration of Trains Traffic) system has been started to be used by Kayaş-Ankara-Sincan and signalization works are still ongoing.

On the other hand, an investigation has been started on the train wreck in Yenimahalle Marşandiz station and it is still continuing Yen Diğer


CHP Niğde deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, 2 years ago in the borough of Niğde in the borough of the freight train in the carriage carrying the textile workers at the crossroads 5 died in a report about the accident that emerged that the original TCDD'nun emerged as defective, stating that in the report 'Safety of mechanic and TCDD is essentially flawed on the grounds that the officer of the movement is left to decision and initiative by radio communication and the training and inspections of the mechanic and the movement officer are not fully done. Liberalization, exclusion from merit, outsourcing has depleted the spirit of the institution Serbest.


CHP Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer 2003-2017 4.141 train crash between the 1.418 person died and 2.627 people were injured. Ömer Fethi Gürer stated that 34 has killed people in the train accidents in the last six months.

CHP Niğde deputy Gürer, 2 years ago in the borough of the freight train in Niğde Borough of the carriage carrying the textile workers at the crossroads of the 5 died in the expert report on the accident, stating that the TCDD stated that the original flawed, "Prepared in the report of the security mechanic and motion officer TCDD is essentially flawed on the grounds that it is left to its decisions and initiatives through radio communication, and the training and inspections of the mechanic and the movement officer are not fully performed.the Halkınhaberci)

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