The joy of collective bargaining in Metro Istanbul


Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's subsidiary companies in Istanbul, Istanbul, the collective bargaining agreement was experienced. The rate of workers' hike has been determined by the contract, which covers the scope of the contract.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality affiliate companies in Metro Istanbul, authorized unions MISKEN and DEMİRYOL-İŞ unions with the 2 annual collective bargaining agreement was signed. The ceremony was held at the Esenler IBB Adem Baştürk Cultural Center. IMB General Secretary Hayri Baraçlı and Deputy Secretary General Eyyüp Karahan, Türk-İş President Ergün Atalay, Metro İstanbul General Manager Kasım Kutlu and Miksen and Railway-İş Trade Unions representatives and employees attended the ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, IMB Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı and authorized union representatives signed the Collective Bargaining Agreement. After the signature of the signature, the ceremony was terminated with a collective photo shoot.



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