Mayor Aktaş: "We Will Solve The Problems of Minibus Drivers Together"

we will cozecegiz problems together
we will cozecegiz problems together

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, the most important issue of the city are working on rooted solutions in transportation, the problems related to minibusists will find solutions together with trades, he said. President Aktas, "Bursa is working to add power to the power," he said.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş came together with the members of the management and inspection boards of Bursa Chamber of Minibuses and the representatives from the 26 station connected to the room at Merinos Lake Park. President Aktaş listened to the problems of the tradesman, the morale of the explanations. President Aktas, since the day he took office in Bursa, the most important problem of the city is determined as transportation and take measures on the subject, he said. President Aktaş, who gave tips about the 2035 transportation vision planned for the future, said: u Our concern and excitement is for Bursa. My father wasn't a minibusman, he was a builder, but I'm one of the best feelers of the minibus. I started off with empathy, listening to everyone. When deciding something, we do not decide at the desk, we interfere with the public, and we will visit minibus stops. Bir

“I want to break prejudices“

President Aktaş emphasized the importance of acting with the right assessments by discussing with the people living in the city physically as well as in the solution of any issue, emphasizing the importance of acting with the right evaluations. While bringing together the 6 cooperative in İnegöl, there were many problems, but the result was better. At that time, people couldn't get together first, but after they knew each other, they were better after they talked. I want to break prejudices. The UKOME decision will be issued next week, about the system. We want to solve the events not by politics, but by the net. As the Metropolitan Municipality, I do not have an unlimited budget, we are making our efforts by using the facilities at the maximum level Büyük.

Mayor Aktaş stated that the solution of existing problems at the point of development of the city may take time, “Transportation is the main issue of this city. I know vans well enough to worry about profits, losses, everything. You are the reality of this city. By meeting our tradesmen in the right way kazanWe are thinking about how we can do it without damaging the city while making it healthy. Our citizens are the crown of our heads. We cannot do something that our citizens are not happy with. We will sit down and talk, we will look at what is best for everyone,” he said.

“I will raise Bursa“

Im A person who works in the ayinesi does not look lafa, sentence, reminding the past work of President Aktaş, ”I understand from the account, I understand the book from the book. I know the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, often expressed by the municipality. We've been working day and night since we took office. In the new era, we will do 18 smart junction in the districts. There will be floors. I will raise Bursa. Bursa

Mayor Aktaş stated that the 1/100 thousand plan was revised at the point of healthy growth of the city, that Bursa will grow to the north and west, and that as the city grows, transportation becomes more valuable. kazanadded to his words.

”Bursa is a very fertile city“

Reminding that Bursa is an important city for thermal, congress, history and faith tourism, Aktaş said that a serious pedestrianization was planned in Hisar area with the historical houses and bazaars, için Hamasi does not have municipalities. You have stories to tell. I've done my lesson well. I trust Bursa. Bursa is a very dynamic and fertile city. Just let us do the right and healthy planning, put our goals in the medium and long term and let's achieve these goals together. Municipal service organization. Things done properly, the citizen will be satisfied, "he said.

Aktaş said that he knows the carrying capacity of the city and added that they will increase the tire system and tire system in the future.

Stating that Turkey is now a very strong country, President Aktaş emphasized the importance of stability after the election with the People's Alliance and said, “I believe that the new period will be much better for the city and the country. We have to look at the whole picture. There are deficiencies, of course, but there is a Turkey whose feet are more firmly on the ground. There are municipalities that listen to their people and listen to them. More about the work we do kazanWe want you to know that we will act in order to make it healthy and systematic. We are working to add strength to Bursa's power," he said.

Thanks to Mayor Aktaş

Bursa Chamber of Minibuses Rafet Burgaz thanked President Aktaş for listening to the problems of the tradesmen and striving for solutions. Burgaz, Kent Square, on the rail system line, in case of opening to traffic, left and right, and one of the bridges that remain idle in order to be the vanization point of the download took the mention of a bridge.

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