Van also Wants Tourism Train!

vanda wants a tourism train
vanda wants a tourism train

East Express was hoped for Van, Van Lake Express Van. While the two trains were booming in tourism, Kars took the lion's share from this tourism attack. Van could not get the desired efficiency due to the finish of the line from Van Lake, Van, a new tourism train to Kars once again gave the sound of the new voice. Van's request for both Northern Van Lake Railway and Tourism Train ..

The Eastern Express and Lake Van Express continue to be the new destination of tourism. In particular, the contribution of the Eastern Express to Kars was increased, while the Eastern Express and Kars gained an advantage. Outside of the purpose of transportation, the new trend of tourism and youth, the Eastern Express is insufficient, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said they would launch an alternative to the Eastern Express tourism train application. After Ersoy's statement, the eyes were translated to Van Lake Express after the news of the cities reached by Kars and the Eastern Express after the journey with the Eastern Express. Van Lake Express also contributed to the Van Van in the process of a significant tourism train Van Lake Express should be included in a tourism train underlined. On the other hand, Van's other expectation of the Northern Van Lake Railway line that it wants to be done for many years and Van Lake's Tatvan expedition runs to Van.

After Ersoy's journey between Erzurum and Kars with the Eastern Express, he gave the good news that the Eastern Express is being used outside of its purpose, an alternative tourism train will be constructed and it will be formulated and implemented in a short time. Minister Ersoy'dan alternative to the Eastern Express 'Tourism Train' after giving the good news was turned into Van Lake Express eyes. Van tourism tourists, Van Lake Express also need to be an alternative tourism train, the Ministry of Van Lake Express tourism trains underlined that they are in the name of the expectation.

During the period when the Eastern Express and the Van Lake Express did not fall off the agenda, a flash statement came from the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy. Pointing out that the Eastern Express, which has returned to a complete tourism trend, has started to be used outside of its purpose, Ersoy said, “We also say that we will organize another train suitable for its purpose. Those who go for touristic purposes should also travel by that train. "Let's do the Eastern Express duty as well as let us build another tourism train suitable for its new purpose."

Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Transport AŞ, one of the most beautiful long route and left traces in the memory of who made the journey time between Ankara-Kars East Ekspresi'yl to Erzurum to Kars. Ersoy said that the train during the journey, "Orient Express is the biggest success in the emergence of the self with the tourism potential of Turkey. Because the Eastern Express is not actually an express made for tourism purposes, but it has enabled the eastern attractions to be discovered in time, to be discovered especially through social media and to become a tourism train outside of its purpose. ” said. Stating that the Eastern Express's tickets were destroyed and fell on the black market, Ersoy said that the train was full months ago.

Speaking with Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister Ersoy stated that he will work on creating an alternative tourism train on this route and put an alternative train, saying: “The express of the Eastern Express is a suspended one because it is not a tourism. You're suspending, but ultimately some opportunists buy it and sell it on the black market. So, at least if we put an unsuspected tourist train into life, whatever its cost can be sold at what cost. I think we will create an alternative to the tourism company and increase the capacity. This is a technical issue, an account book subject. We will probably be able to work and put a second train into service with a different route in a short time, I think. It becomes clear in a short time

Vanli speaks to the news about the service of the Ottoman Expression, the Eastern Expressway in case of an alternative tourism train should take advantage of Van Lake Express underlined. Van Lake Express in the case of tourism trains in the Van and the Region will make significant contributions, will have a positive impact on Van and the region said. Tourism tourists said that if an alternative tourism train is made to the Eastern Express, Van Lake Express is also injured and is essential for Van.

Murat White, Van Lake Express North Iron Line should be laid and expressed importance. Beyaz, için Especially the Eastern Express, Lake Van Express and Kurtalan Express are designed for the service of the local people. It was established to provide transportation to the local public by train. Recently, tourism-oriented use began. The local people began to be deprived of this service with the use of tourism. The determination of the Tourism Minister was very accurate and accurate. In terms of tourism, a different train has been realized. In case of a train, tourism will cause problems between the local people and the people who are traveling with culture and tourists. Both local residents and tourists will enjoy the tour. The tourism train is a very correct approach, it is essential to implement this practice for the Expression of Lake Van as well as for the Eastern Express. Turizm

White, outside of Turkey underlined that orientation for a train ride in the world. . In this sense, we have an advantage. For the case of Van Lake Express tourist train not only western Turkey, we are talking about a destination will include up to Tabriz in Iran and Tehran. Starting from Van, there is a potential to reach the cities of Iran. In this sense, with the tourist train we demanded to add to Van Lake Express, people will be able to travel more comfortably. There is a potential and share in this market in Van as well as Kars. Such investments do not lose the state, the investor does not lose, their profits. We are ready to undertake the loss as a tourism sector. Turizm

Tourism will create a different destination in case of a train and will bring different destinations addressing the Tourism and Van Lake Basin Tourism Association (VAHATUDER) President Abdullah Tunçdemir, Göl If the train for the Eastern Express Van Lake Express I think the same application should be implemented. In winter, travel tourism is an important alternative for the region. Van, 12 month 4 seasons to accommodate different tourism alternatives. It is important to have an alternative tourism train for the Eastern Express, but I think that Van Lake Express should not be deprived of this. In case of adding a train to Van Lake Express, it will make a significant contribution to the promotion of Van and the Region. In this sense, we have to come together and demand that we come together as tourism and NGOs in Van. If a tourism train is added to the Eastern Express, we have to wish to be included in the Van Lake Express. Doğu

Eastern Express, Eastern Anatolia Region in terms of publicity and tourism is used in the right way and Van Lake Express in this sense that the lack of Tourism and Van Hoteliers Association (VANODER) President Reşat Yesilagac, ıs Eastern Express, Kars in terms of promotion and tourism well used. We did not evaluate the Van Lake Express well. Although the name is prominent for years, but the name of the recent promotion, we can say that we are behind the promotion and marketing of the Orient Express. I think that Van Lake Express should be evaluated. After that, I believe that it should be used well in the name of the Region and Van and should be evaluated. Today tourism is blowing a serious sense. There is a decrease in the number of tourists due to the exit fees we have recently experienced with Iran. We have to find an alternative tourism gate. We need to make good use of Lake Van Express. In serious terms, we have to keep the agenda and make a good market in terms of promotion. Minister Aksoy's journey between Erzurum and Kars via Eastern Express was a serious advertisement for Kars. In this sense, it was important for the train to give good news. I think that an alternative tourism train should be done within Van Lake Express. In this regard, the public opinion of the public and NGOs as a single voice, I think that this request should beg.

Emphasizing that Van Gölü Ekspresi is an important market in terms of tourism, esi In addition to the Eastern Express, Van Lake Express is an important tourism resource for Van and Region. Not only in Turkey, Lake Van Express, tourist train will be generated also affect the campaign on Iran. Twice a week is done, and this time be increased with the introduction of the tourist train through Turkey and Iran will bring mobility through tourism. We have previously requested that Iranian expeditions be explored. The Van Lake Express, which leads from Ankara with the tourism train, will provide a good destination to continue to Iran after Van. Our request from the Minister as a tourist, Van Lake Express is also added. Bakan

Expressing the excitement of making an alternative tourism train to the Eastern Express and Van Lake Express expressing that these expeditions should be made with the Van Lake Activists, 'We think it is very important to launch tourism train tours as an alternative to the Eastern Express. Like the Eastern Express route, the Van Lake Express is a different route for tourism with many features such as its own, historical and natural. An alternative tourism train service for Van Lake Express will contribute to the demand for train travel to our region recently. Van Lake Van Tatvan Express, especially with Turkey's largest ferry Van done over the sea for tourism, we also think that the color and joy. Compared to the Eastern Express, the journey on the Van Sea is very important in addition to many historical natural beauties when traveling by Van Lake Express. In short, we would like to emphasize that the Van Lake Express will have many beauties of the passengers traveling. In addition to this, in addition to Van Lake Express flights, the tourism train journey will be the water of life for our region. As the most active NGO structured in the region, we demand from the relevant ministry to increase the number of Van Lake Express flights and to add the tourism train expedition. Böl (the Şehriv)

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