Seamless and Safe Transportation with New Street

uninterrupted and safe transportation with the new street
uninterrupted and safe transportation with the new street

The New Street project, one of the new investments of the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in the field of transportation, has come to an end. In addition to uninterrupted transportation, the construction of a 30-meter-long double lane bridge, which was built on the 50-meter-wide New Street, where pedestrian and vehicle safety was also prioritized, was completed.

One of the new projects of the Metropolitan Municipality, which has put the investments that will put the transportation problem in Denizli into service one by one, has come to an end. The project will connect the route between 29 October Boulevard and the old Zahire Market. While the entire infrastructure work of the New Street project, which is approximately 1,5 kilometers long and 30 meters wide, has been completed, the asphalt paving work has been built with two-way, round trip double lane, parking lots and wide pavements. The two-lane bridge, about 50 meters long and 16 meters wide, connecting the two sides of the street with the project, was also completed. The bridge, which has a height of 5,5 meters, will play an important role in pedestrian and vehicle passage as well as reducing the traffic density. With the landscape arrangement to be made, the face of the region will change.

“We have more dreams to do”

Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Osman Zolan emphasized that they have made huge transportation investments in order for the city to have a sustainable, safe and modern traffic network. Mayor Osman Zolan said, “With our transportation projects, we have greatly relieved the traffic density in the intercity and in our city center. We have more work to do about our sea, we have dreams. ” Noting that Yeni Cadde will meet a great need of Denizli, Mayor Osman Zolan said, “We have completed the reinforced concrete works of the bridge and side connection roads of our project. Currently, asphalting, lighting and landscaping studies are continuing. I wish our project will be beneficial to our city and our people already. ”

Uninterrupted Transportation with New Street

Starting at the intersection of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality's New Street project with 29 October Boulevard, 415 Street and the old Karcı road; It will be connected to the Ahi Sinan junction, between the İlbade Cemetery and the old Zahire Bazaar, at the intersection of the sample street and Ahi Sinan Street. When the New Street project is completed, the route between 29 October Boulevard and the old Zahire Market will be connected. The new road, which will start from the Old Zahire Market, will continue behind Tekden Hospital, and will provide uninterrupted transportation to 29 October Boulevard. With the project, the traffic density between İzmir Bulvarı and Sümer Mahallesi will be reduced, and transportation in Merkezefendi and Örnek streets will be relieved.

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