Northern Van Lake Railway Line is a must for increasing Van's attractiveness!

to increase the attractiveness of the van
to increase the attractiveness of the van

With the Eastern Express, Kars has brought Van Lake Express and Van with a new interest in tourism, especially in winter tourism. Van Lake Express of the end of the journey in Tatvan and the ferry to continue the ferry of the attractiveness of the line is incomplete while calling the Van Lake, with the call of the tourism companies in Van to go on the agenda once again came up.

Van Van's Railway Line, which has been the dream of many years, came to the agenda once again with the Van Lake Express spree. The calls for the Tatvan-Van line, which has not been carried out for many years and the agenda of politicians in every period, continues uninterruptedly. We have also received calls from tourism companies for this line, which we see as countless times in the 10 that we have met many times over the years, in terms of both intercity transportation, tourism and international lines. Although it acquainted with the high-speed train lines to many cities in Turkey when the ferry the rest of Van still Tatvan far from the train line, this line is expected of Van's charm with the land come to be two-fold increase. While the government is taking the steps to make the train as fast as the cities like Sivas and Kars, the Vanans expect the Van Gospel of Van to do this. It is also underlined that Van's young people will be the star of tourism in the tourism sector.

Van Exactly one year ago this date was followed in all of Turkey. The train journey that a group of young people started is expected to continue with great excitement this year. In April, the festival was planned to be done before the festival of Van, to flock to Van. One of these is the railway line that ends in the district of Tatvan in Bitlis where Van has been discussing for years.

Vangölu Express started with the adventure of Van to the tourist spurt, which attracted attention to the Vanan tourism agent Murat Beyaz, Van lake voices as the Van voices repeatedly said. White, however, emphasizing that Vangölü Express is very deficient as a result of physical conditions,'n Two days a week is a very big disadvantage. The interviews, the sensations we received, the Kars lobby is very strong in that sense, in order to avoid any expressions that might be an alternative to Eastern Expression, there is a closure event in order to prevent such expressions from being opened to Van, Van lake expressions. Yap

To meet the existing demand of the people and the city should not restrict the demand of people who want to express the White, “We meet a lot, for example, especially people who want to do a train with trains do not find it difficult to find a wagon. We follow the point of a touch of the event at least two days a week, five days, six days, or the most ideal of course every day of the week, such as the East expresses every day of the week there is a request. But at worst, it should be at least 5 days, and the Northern Van Lake iron line needs to be laid down as soon as possible. Fakat

After Tatvan, Van pointed out that he had been traveling to Van via Van Lake. The first hour is fun, but the next time we walk ashore, we have to take our tour and make our trip. In order to prevent this, I think that the Northern Van lake iron line will make a significant contribution to the economy, tourism and trade of the city. That line must be laid as soon as possible. This needs to be taken into investment programs as soon as possible, for example in this sense a rail line between Diyarbakir and Mardin is laid. While ready to come here, we are told that they will be lost to the North immediately, and they will come to Van. Hazır

Van Voda and Van TB chairman Feridun expressed the most prominent statements about the calls for the Northern Van Lake Railway Line in the past years. Iraq, emphasized that the increase of freight commercially increased the line and this line with a significant loss of national wealth in transportation, he said. Iraq, the evaluation of the requirement of this line in the evaluation of the Þevivan asında High fuel consumption, the cost of maintenance is very high ferries are also very high. Therefore, it is not preferred unless it is compulsory. We have expressed the railway connection for years. As such, it also has no use in the country itself. As long as the railway connection is not made by land, the province will have no benefit to its economy. It should have been done by now. If it had been done so far he would have paid himself many times and would have made a significant contribution to the economy as well. Wherever the damage is. Taking into account the disadvantages such as excessive fuel consumption, maintenance and repair costs, loss of time, the project to connect the ferry to the land should be abandoned and the project should be started. Kayb He used his statements.

The new favorite of expresses discovered in 2018 is Van Lake Express. While the journey that started in the capital extends to Tatvan, the journey continues to be news every day. The Eastern Express and Van Lake Express, which have created a serious tourism leap for Kars and Van in the last few years, continue to offer travelers a fairytale journey. The legend of the train journey, which was started by a group of young people this year, is excited for tourism to continue with great excitement this year. Explaining to the Şehrivan Newspaper, Van tourism professionals emphasized that everyone should do their part in order for the youth to flock before the festival to be held in June. More than 86 thousand young people are expected to participate in the festival, which was attended by 100 thousand young people last year.

In the statement made by the Vangölü Activists Administration, ı Van Lake Express is a nostalgic train expedition between Van-Ankara, which lasts about 24 hours and provides a different experience by passing through a very different route to its passengers and offering a different pleasure by witnessing the unique nature of our country along the way. Starting from Ankara, respectively, Kirikkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Malatya, Elazig and Muş route to Tatvan is reached. After stopping at 60 station, the train arrives at Tatvan and offers passengers the possibility of traveling by ferry from Tatvan to Van and also witnesses the beauty of Lake Van. D

The activists continue their statement by saying, b By taking a short break in Tatvan, you can visit Nemrut Crater Lake, the ski resort, Ahlat Selçuklu cemetery, the historical houses of Bitlis and the taste of Bitlis verereks büryan kebab and local flavors. Later, passing through Van; Van and its surroundings have a potential to be a favorite of tourism with its historical, natural and cultural features. With its castles, historical islands, mosques, dunes, churches and natural beauties such as Muradiye Waterfall and Vanadokya, the facilities for winter skiing offer many options. Ad

InterRail hand in a written statement some time ago by Turkey, "carries the distinction of being gezginfest Van East's first music festival, will meet again in 2019 in the same place like the festival dates 21 to 23 June 2019. This year again, which will be home to one of Turkey's largest line-up gezginfest Van, hawthorn Island will experience unforgettable moments beside the jetty in Van lake. " The statement said.

The project, carried out by Turkey, but highlights social awareness, the festival area people from all over the country, the statement will be side by side with world music theme, "also winning in its status as an international festival in their region, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, with artists from countries such as Armenia There will be an unrivaled festival experience. ”

All The uniqueness of the festival will not only be a festival area, but also with its unique geography. With the Van Lake Express train, Akdamar Island, Urartu History and the magnificent Van Breakfast, a beautiful Eastern Culture Synthesis Festival will be carried from the festival area to the city. Social life areas, playgrounds, libraries, parks where our disabled children can have fun, entertainment areas for our pals are full of surprises to meet the festival festival. A festival that loves people and nature, shows compassion for our animal friends, adopts the philosophy of 'happiness is beautiful as shared' and aims to bring thousands of people together. 3 full of peace, happiness and fun awaits its participants for the day. (Şehrivan Newspaper - Meral Yıldız)



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