This Year's First Cycling Excitement in Alanya

the first bicycle excitement in this year
the first bicycle excitement in this year

UCI 1.2 Elite Women Road Bike Race, Grand Fondo Velo Alanya Long Stage and Grand Prix Alanya UCI 1.2 Elite Men Road Bike Race were held in Alanya.

Alanya Youth Services and Sports Manager Erdal Tamrak and Alanya Municipality Sports Director Levent Uğur started the races organized by Alanya. Grand Premium Alanya Uci 1.2 Elite Men's Road Bike Race from 14 country, 22 team 132 athletes pedaled. Lucas Carstensen with the back number 52 from Germany, Yauheni Karaliok with the back number of 95 from Belarus and Patryk Stosz with the back number 123 from Poland was third.

1.2 athletes from 15 competed in the UCI 90 Elite Women's Road Bike Race. Tatsiana Sharakova with the back number of 22 from the First Belarus, second by Olga Shekel with the back number of 51 from Ukraine and third by Maria Novolodskaya with the back number of 12 from Russia. The awards to the winning athletes Turkey Cycling Federation Board Member Tevfik Erdoğdu Federation Secretary General Gökmen Teyran, Velo gave Alanya Kemal Canfeda the organizers.



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