Alaşehir's Junction Ends

the end of the city of alasehir
the end of the city of alasehir

In order to ensure traffic safety and to relieve the flow of traffic, the project of the intersection of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which started to be constructed on the İzmir-Denizli highway, has come to an end. In the past months, the sunk (lower) portion of the intersection at the intersection of lighting work continues in the coming days on the side roads will start asphalt work.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Alaşehir in order to prevent traffic accidents on the Izmir-Denizli highway construction began on the intersection project has come to an end. In the past months, the sunk (lower) part of the intersection opened to service and the sideways border and parquet work continues. The side roads of the project in the coming days will start the asphalt work indicating that the Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergun, the modern intersection will increase the safety of traffic in high level stressed.

Referring to the importance of modern junction Ergun, said that the traffic accidents in the region is no longer behind, said: ın To ensure the safety of our citizens, life and property, our greatest wish. I wish that this important project, which adds value to our district, will be instrumental in the charity. İl

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