'Priority of Life, Priority Pedestrians' Event was Held in Diyarbakır

the activity of the first life of the first life
the activity of the first life of the first life

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Mayor Cumali Atilla, together with Deputy Minister of Interior İsmail Çataklı, participated in the event organized by the Ministry of Interior with the slogan of 'Priority is life, priority is pedestrian' with the aim of creating a pedestrian priority awareness and generalizing the use of pedestrian crossings.

With the amendment made in the 74th article of the Highway Traffic Law, an important step was taken for pedestrians, who account for about 23 percent of traffic losses. With the regulation made, pedestrian-priority traffic understanding was placed on a legal basis. With the regulation, it has become compulsory for vehicle drivers to slow down when approaching crossroad entrances and exits, pedestrians or school crossings that do not have traffic police or traffic lights, but are identified by traffic signs or signs, and give the first right to pass, if any. For this purpose, 2019 was declared a pedestrian-priority traffic year by the Ministry of Interior with the slogan 'priority is life, priority is pedestrian'. In this context, applications were carried out simultaneously in 81 provinces.

The event was held in Diyarbakır, Deputy Minister of the Interior İsmail Çataklı, Diyarbakır Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Cumali Atilla, Chief Public Prosecutor Kamil Erkut Güre, Diyarbakır Provincial Police Chief Tacettin Aslan, public institution managers and many students. İsmail Çataklı, Deputy Minister of Interior, who stopped the vehicles with the slogan of 'priority is life, prioritize,' and warned the vehicle drivers. Deputy Interior Minister voicing begins to events in every province of Turkey Çataklı, he said they aimed to create awareness of traffic to reduce the suffering that terrorism. Deputy Minister Çataklı said, “Traffic is a very important problem in our country as in the whole world. Thousands of people die every year and we have 100 thousands of injured people. Financial losses occur, we lose around 700 thousand pedestrians every year in traffic accidents. Since last year, we have started certain campaigns in order to raise awareness especially in traffic. Today, with the coordination of our governors and district governors in all provinces, we are launching a campaign to raise awareness of pedestrian priority in traffic with the slogan of 'Priority is life, priority is pedestrian' in order to raise awareness especially about pedestrians in traffic. In every province of Turkey as of this moment we are launching this campaign. Terrorism is a subject that has many losses beyond the terrain and we pay very serious costs, so the issue of traffic is, therefore, in order to reduce the pain we experience here, we are starting the activity here to raise the awareness of pedestrians and raise awareness about this issue. We expect support especially from non-governmental organizations and students on this matter. ”

After the speeches, President Atilla, Çataklı, Güzeloğlu and his retinue, warned the drivers to pay attention to pedestrians and traffic rules.

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