Test Drives of Electric Buses Started in Manisa

testis of electric bus
testis of electric bus

The environmentally friendly electric buses that the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa provided to the public transportation system within the scope of the transformation in transportation started the first test drive. City Hospital and Celal Bayar University Hospital between the electric buses, which started the test drive is an important service in terms of accelerating access to citizens, Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergun thanked.

Manisa Metropolitan Mayor Cengiz Ergun led a new era in transportation. Environmentally friendly electric buses integrated into the public transport of Manisa started their first test. Electric Buses will provide free services to citizens from City Hospital to Celal Bayar University Hospital during their test drive. Mr. Hüseyin Üstün, Head of Transportation Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they have observed how the new routes are processed during the test trips. Inde We started our test trips for the electric buses realized under the modernization of the public transportation system under the leadership of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Cengiz Ergün. 22 In February, we went to İzmir Street and 8 Eylül Street. We have prevented car parked on the preferential road with our police teams and our safety traffic teams. We have included our 4 electric bus in the public transport system. Traffic runs smoothly. There was no negative situation. Public transport also uses preferential routes. We are on the field with our teams. Hopefully, we will provide an accident-free public transport system to our citizens. Our test drive continues between City Hospital and Celal Bayar University Hospital. We take our citizens from the stops for free during our test drives. Vat

Akatmacı, “System will be Adopted in Time Ak
The new transportation system will facilitate transportation in terms of time Manisa Private Public Bus Cooperative Chairman Erdoğan Akatmacı said, ı Preferential roads save time. Traffic flowing fast. There are some disruptions to the first day. The routes will be nice when learned by citizens. Test drives were well received by the citizens. Lack of waiting pleased the citizen. 30 minutes will also take you to destinations in an 15-20 minute. The system for us was beautiful. There's a parking problem. The Old Garage is also in place. As the parking problem is solved, public transport will also be good. The electric buses were a good service. I would like to thank Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Büyük. Citizens, who prefer electric buses during test drives, expressed their appreciation for the modern and comfortable transportation and thanked the Mayor of Manisa Cengiz Ergün. On the other hand, information leaflets were distributed to citizens during the test drives.



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