Level Crossings Tender Result

stop writing with warning lines at the crossroads
stop writing with warning lines at the crossroads

TCDD 7 Regional Directorate Zone Crossing in the Gradual Preliminary Warning and Deceleration Warning Lines and Hem STOP ık Letter and Line Work Done

Turkish State Railways 7 Regional Directorate (TCDD) 2018 / 480493 KIK costing approximately 845.800,38 TL TCDD 7 Regional Directorate Found in the Level Crossing Gradual Preliminary Warning and Decline Warning Lines and X STOP UM Letter and Line with the tender of the work given by the tender 682.491,64 TL with the offer STYLE TRAFFIC SIGNS INDUSTRY AND TRADE JOINT STOCK COMPANY.

The tender includes the writing of 7259,68 'STOP' with 2 m407 deceleration warning and stop line drawing. The duration of the work is 270 (two hundred seventy) calendar days from the place delivery.



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