Smart Intersection Application Started in Afyonkarahisar

smart application
smart application

In the 14 junction where traffic density was determined as a result of the feasibility studies carried out by Afyonkarahisar Municipality Science Affairs Directorate, coordinated green wave application was started to ensure traffic flow at the 7 junction with the Dynamic Junction Control System.

Drivers in the city Prison, Şuhut and Ataköy junction at the 60 km speed, on the freeway New Bus Station junction, Battalgazi junction between the TOKI and Gümüşkent junction at the speed of 80 green wave system can benefit from the speed.

The dynamic intersection control system, which complements the investments of the municipality in the area of ​​transportation for the last 2 years, calculates the vehicle density in the intersections by means of cameras and decreases the waiting times in traffic by applying longer green light duration for intense directions. Thanks to the variable signal times applied, petrol is saved and the amount of carbon monoxide released to the nature decreases. The 7 junction, which has been implemented in the coordinated green wave application, has ensured an uninterrupted flow, thus reducing the stop-and-go ratio in traffic.

Since the completion of their installations, the 18 improvement of 7 with average monthly 11 fuel saving and XNUMX tons less carbon emissions have been achieved thanks to this improvement in the waiting times of the Intersection Control System and the coordinated green wave applied intersection.

Municipal Directorate of Science Affairs, said in a statement on the subject, the dynamic Intersection Control System in time to improve itself in the structure of the expressions by collecting the data collected from the intersections is constantly up to date, he said. Officials gave the following views; Rim Thanks to the operators working in the Traffic Control Center established in our municipality building, the traffic of our city is under control of 7 / 24. The cameras from the cameras placed at the intersections and the operators who analyze the intersection data instantly evaluate all scenarios for the best possible management of the traffic of our city with the simulations they prepare, and complete the preparations for the future in the future and take the necessary measures. As Afonkarahisar Municipality, we will continue our activities in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems without slowing down. Established system and coordinated green wave application to all Afyonkarahisar citizens will be good. Kurulan

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