Sekapark-Beach Road Tram Line is in Operation

sekapark beach road tram line service
sekapark beach road tram line service

The works were completed on the route between Akçaray tram line and Sekapark-Plajyolu which was offered by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in August last year. The first stage of the extension line of the 2.2 km-long tram line, which starts from the Science Center and extends to the beach road, was opened at Seka -Bilim Merkezi Durağı. Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, AK Party Deputy Fikri Işık, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General İlhan Bayram, Deputy Mayor Zekeriya Özak, AK Party Izmit Mayor candidate Sibel Gönül, AK Party İzmit District President Ali Güney, AK Party Izmit District Women Chairman of the Branch Betül Yazıcı, AK Party Başiskele Mayor candidate Yasin Özlü and many citizens attended.

Total 2.2 km line, a thousand 600 meters Seka State Hospital - School District consisting of the first part of the work has been completed. Sekapark - There are 4 stations on the beach line. The first part of the Seka State Hospital - School District was completed. In this section, State Hospital, Congress Center and Education Campus stations were made ready. The second part of the 600 meter will start in the coming days. In the daily use, the new station will be built on the Akçaray Tram line, which is frequently preferred by the citizens and bringing comfort to transportation. Even stations with a length of 4 km will be located at Seka State Hospital, Kocaeli Congress Center, Schools District and Beachway. The length of the tram line in Kocaeli will be increased to 2.2 km by adding the 15 km tram line to the existing tram line 5 km.

Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who first came to the podium in the program, said: We're together at the stage opening. Those who reacted to us when we first started tram works now enjoy this service. Our tramway was over between the bus station and Sekapark and was very popular. Hopefully, our first goal is Kuruçeşme. We're going to open it up to the training campus today. Our youngsters will reach their schools with peace of mind. Yav

Karaosmanoğlu continued his words, hem Our tram service has attracted great attention from our people both in terms of price and usage. Hopefully every year transportation will grow. Then it will reach the maximum level. While doing these services as simple as seen is not done. For example, we were very tired in the city. The process is prolonged in places where underground work is carried out. De A faster work is being done in places where displacement works are more comfortable Dep.

N As you know in Gebze, our subway work started, en said Karaosmanoğlu. The finish is in. We produce more now. In Kocaeli, 2023 100 has one big factory. Most of them also export. If we do not export, we do not have an opportunity to develop. We will be a stronger country and we will fulfill our duties to become a citizen of this powerful country. Daha

Afterwards, AK Party deputy Fikri Işık said, Ardından I am proud to be among you in the introduction of such a meaningful and valuable service. Those who plan to open up Seka for a period of time reacted to us when we wanted to bring this place to the city. But thankfully, our Seka region has been in the way our citizens wanted. Besides, the chlorine factory was located where our training campus was located. Our citizens living in that region complained of odor and environmental pollution. We did what was necessary there and made it a training center. Orada (Özgürkocael a)


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