Şanlıurfalılar wants to train fast

Fast train
Fast train

The 2019 of Şanlıurfa's high-speed train project will be prepared in September, so the railways will pass through the geological ethics, after the completion of the infrastructure work in 2020 will be ready to tender.

Safiye Gürel: I went to many places outside of Urfa by train and very comfortable also more economical better so it is supposed to be in Urfa Urfa's welfare level, because the level of sophistication I think in Urfa very natural and normal

Selahattin Owl: The project is set up after ten years because I think the project is turning in this way because the project is announced ten years after the project is announced.

Adem Şelek: I've heard it five years ago or so I think it is said that the last trambus did not cross the intersection, in terms of train I think Urfa can not get under this as both the infrastructure and the city because of the distorted urbanization. It would be nice to destroy the area to use the train, but it would be quite exhausting because they couldn't even make a small tramble because of the distorted urbanization.

Sinan Kırmızıgül: 5-6 this rumor has been for years, unfortunately we did not see anything, the nation once a year more than once a week can not take home, our nation can not bring bread to our people always unemployed people are empty, then brought us to the Syrians. We have people who can't.

Ali Sultanoğlu: Fast train project Urfa davar, said the future, but there is nothing to just name Urfa have been said to have existed for a while but did not pass the application did not see the train tragedy. (the Şanlıurfagazete)

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