Ms. Sahin has a Metro Project

the subway project has a subway project
the subway project has a subway project

📩 06/02/2019 17:25

Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Sahin, 31 March in the local elections will be done if selected, he said. Sahin explaining the election declaration, kent We would like to continue to make Antep a city worthy of the memory of our grandfathers and martyrs. Gaziantep will be such a city, our citizens who migrated to other cities and citizens from other cities will also be eager to come to the city. Gaziantep

Turkey Fatma finger prints would be the logistics center in Gaziantep, Sahin, "will be the center of Gaziantep transportation, day passes without 120 en Karkamış'a. A large logistics center will be established with the arrangements made. New central location and planned according to the roads. In the new period, we will start our studies with the permission of Allah. Yeni

"Gar-Düztepe-Hospital Light Rail System (Metro) Line Application Final Project Services" and "Gar-Gaun 15 July Campus Light Rail System (Metro) Line Application of Final Project Services" within the scope of the project work completed transfer Sahin, said, said. : Or We are competing with Russia in the density. We need to handle the traffic to grow healthy. We need to get under the subway. We have completed the 1 line. Working with the best in the world, we have been approved for the 15 transportation master plan. In our minds, Gaziray and 25 kilometers are finished, from Democracy square to Düztepe, from there to Yeşilvadi and Akkent and a new city hospital are planned for a subway line. We will go to the President of Turkey with the support of you.

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