Domestic Production Rail System Cables from Prysmian Cable

Prysmian cable for domestic production rail cables
Prysmian cable for domestic production rail cables

Energy and telecommunications cables industry leaders worldwide Prysmian Group's operations in Turkey in the Turkish Prysmian Cable, rail come forward with solutions offered for the system.

Türk Prysmian Kablo provides service to metros, railways and TCDD projects with the ”Rail System Cables lar that it started to produce in 1990.

Noting its pioneering work and investments, Türk Prysmian offers a wide range of products for demanding applications as well as energy and telecom cables. "We are committed to Turkey tomorrow" mission in accordance with the Turkish Prysmian's Mudanya produced in the factory and both nationally and in the preferred international project "Rail System Cables" control of scissors switches, optical signaling systems, actuators and control circuits, conventional or electronic ray inspection Türk Prysmian produces da Rail System Cables metro for metro and TCDD projects. He takes place in prestigious rail system projects such as Ankara-Sivas, Konya-Karaman, Samsun-Kalin.

All cable types can be used in rail systems are producing in Turkey

Türk Prysmian not only produces “Rail System Cables” in accordance with national and international standards; it shapes its investments according to developing technology and changing systems. As Türk Prysmian, Türk Prysmian CEO Erkan Aydoğdu said that being the preferred solution partner and a reliable supplier for the projects brought new projects together, “With the development of the sector in recent years, Mudanya has increased its production capacity and product range with new investments in the field of rail systems. all cable types can be used in rail system can produce project we've made in Turkey. In the coming period, we will continue to use all our knowledge and R&D power to move the industry forward and implement new projects. ”

New European Train Control System (ERTM) standard production

In line with today's needs, the need for fast, reliable, safe, uninterrupted, fast and comfortable transportation in railway transportation brings important changes in this area. Türk Prysmian Industrial Sales Director Mert Erden stated that they planned their investments according to the changing technological innovations, systems and demands as Türk Prysmian; ; With our position in the Turkish cable sector, we are not only supplying cable to projects; At the same time, we are trying to take part in every kind of work and project that will improve our sector. We carry out our production activities in accordance with the (New European Train Control System (ERTM) çalış, which is the signaling, control and train protection system implemented by TCDD. In our factory in Mudanya, we support the production of cables required for level 1 and level 2 railway systems with our R & D efforts. Mud

Türk Prysmian's birçok Rail System Cables er are preferred by many important and prestigious projects such as the new high speed train lines of TCDD, the realization of the signal systems of conventional lines, and the subway projects realized by the Ministry of Municipalities and Transport.

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