CHP Antmen Carries the Eastern Express to the Parliament's Agenda


CHP Mersin Deputy Alpay Antmen, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan's response to the question of the request of many people, especially young citizens, especially if they want to go to Kars with the Eastern Express, but some of the tourism companies have said they could not go because of the prior train tickets. he said.

Antmen asked "Why can't a place be found in the True Express?"

CHP deputy, according to him, according to the information about the trips made by sleepers are sold at expensive prices by agencies.

Antmen stated that although the number of sleeping railcar part of the Kars train between January and February has not yet been seen in the system, it is claimed that they were sold to tourism companies months ago. TCDD's 118 TL sleeper ticket can be sold up to 1500 liras on request. So the Eastern Express tickets are in the hands of the black marketers. In addition, according to the information obtained from the press between Ankara and Kars Eastern Express tickets due to the absence of citizens to the Ombudsman's Office because of complaints made, ilen he said.

The questions included in Alpay Antmen's proposal are as follows;

* Why can't a place be found in the True Express which makes the Ankara-Kars voyage?
* Is it true that the claims that Eastern Express tickets are bought and sold in bulk by tourism agencies? If so, in what ways does the firm buy the aforementioned tickets? How much does it buy and sell to the citizens?
* Why are the Eastern Express ticket sale times and dates not publicly available on TCDD's official website?
* If TCDD sells bulk tickets to tourism companies, is it not irregularities? How can the companies who sell the correct Express tickets buy and sell train tickets after 3 months beyond the legal dates? Who or who sells tickets to these companies in bulk?
* How many passengers have used this train since the start of the correct flight? How many tickets have been sold? What is the date of ticket sales? What is the number of collective tickets received at the same time? What is the maximum number of tickets for a person or organization or company at a time? How many seats have been sold in these bulk sales and what are their dates?
* Is the review and legal follow-up done on accounts and persons selling tickets on the black market? How many people and account have been examined so far, how many people have been processed about? (One day)

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  1. As I have written many times in my previous comments, it has to be done since it is the center of attention, as in Russia, like Trans Caucasian or Trans Eastern Anatolia, the hotel is a tourist train tour organization with trains.