Free Parking from Metropolitan to Nilüfer

nilufere free parking
nilufere free parking

It was built on a 7-decare area next to the Nilüfer Municipality building some time ago by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. kazanPine trees were placed in front of the signboards written by the Metropolitan Municipality and BURBAK at the entrance of the parking lot, which is open and serves free of charge. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş described the work done to close the Metropolitan Municipality letter as 'cheap politics' and said that as a metropolitan, their services continue uninterruptedly in every corner of Nilüfer.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which provides a sensible relief in traffic by means of smart junction applications and road expansions initiated in order to solve the transportation problem in Bursa, on the other hand, produces alternative solutions to areas experiencing parking problems. The issue of parking, which is the most important problem of the citizens at the İhsaniye Square, where the district municipality, district governor's office and tax offices are located in Nilüfer District, was resolved by the Metropolitan Municipality about 1 months ago. Upon request from the residents of the region, one of the Metropolitan Municipality's affiliates, BURBAK, turned the parking lot into a parking lot of approximately 7 thousand square meters. Total 550 car parking facilities were free of charge, while the daily occupancy rate in the car park, where a permanent BURBAK official was at the beginning, began to exceed the 300 vehicle.

Pine tree in front of signboard

Free parking application launched in the area next to the Municipality of Nilufer appreciation of the people of the region, the entrance of the parking lot on the entrance of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BURBAK pine trees were pointed out in front of the sign. Mayor Alinur Aktas, even before the opening of an opening ceremony to the car park they do not need, to react to the application made to hide signs. Together with the Bursa deputies Mustafa Esgin and Refik Ozen and AK Party Nilufer District Mayor Candidate Necati Sahin made a press statement with President Aktas, le We saw that the signs of the Metropolitan Municipality for the closure of the pine trees were placed in front of our signs. I leave discretion to the public. These are obviously cheap politics. Yes, Metropolitan works in all the main arteries of Nilüfer. Esentepe Junction, Tuna Street Junction, other intersections we have done. We have implemented the central refuge arrangement of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard. Someone creates a perception as if they had done it themselves. Taktiri public opinion. This is how the system works for years. We serve as a service in every corner of Nilüfer Nil.

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Reminding that Nilüfer is a place where there is intense construction, and that the Metropolitan Municipality takes the burden of the work, especially with the central median and road arrangements in the main arteries such as FSM and Özlüce, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that the need for parking in the region is inevitable. Until today, an area of ​​approximately 40 decares has been used as a parking lot in Bursa. kazanPresident Aktaş stated that they have arranged a parking lot for 14 vehicles on a 1100-decare area in Mudanya, 5,5 parking lots with 6 and 1000 acres in Gölyazı, and the old helitaxi area of ​​2 vehicles on 13 acres in front of BURULAŞ. Explaining that the most important problem of our citizens is the parking lot in İhsaniye Square, where the district municipality, district governorship and tax offices are located in Nilüfer, Mayor Aktaş said, “We brought the issue to the agenda upon the demands of the residents of the region and turned an area of ​​​​approximately 900 acres into a parking lot. Hopefully another one is coming soon. In the near future, we will put our 7-decare, 5-vehicle car park into operation, especially near the tax office. Our articles about the allocation of the rate from Milli Emlak are about to come. Our free parking lot, which is now in service, has been next to the Nilüfer Municipality for years, but no formula could be produced. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have solved this problem and our work continues in every corner of Nilüfer and in every area in our 400 districts.

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