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Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, the ın Work and Route Permit Certificates kayb with the new regulation implemented by the driver of the trades to lose time and to prevent the loss of material goes where he operates.

Due to its geographic structure, Muğla Metropolitan Municipality has implemented a new regulation in order to prevent the loss of time spent by Muğla driver drivers in order to remove the ş Working and Route Permit Certificates Coğraf.

According to the statement made by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, a new arrangement for the transportation of the vehicle, which is within the scope of the laws and regulations such as taxi, service, private public transportation vehicles, should be done in accordance with the transportation in the direction of the municipality building and not to waste time due to the times they go. made.

The following statements were made in the statement;

Ası The vehicles covered by the laws and regulations throughout our province must undergo a series of implementations and controls in order to receive a aya Certificate of Conformity to Carriage “. That is why our driver shopkeepers have to come to our municipal building and fill out their documents for the creation of this document. Considering the geographical size of our city, our driver shopkeepers experienced a loss of labor and time. After that, we have implemented the application, which allows us to monitor the work and route permits and application of our driver shopkeepers through the personnel appointed by the Chambers of Tradesmen and Automobiles Tradesmen. Without having to personally apply to our Presidency by the Transportation Department, the transport staff of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality and Chauffeurs and Automobile Tradesmen Chambers are conducting general checks on the compliance of the vehicles by going to the district, neighborhood and stall center where the carrier operates. As a result of the controls, we allow our tradesmen to have their documents without labor and time loss, unless there is a problem that is against the laws and regulations. While doing this service, mountain slopes, rain mud, day and night, we will continue our citizen-oriented services so that our tradesmen are not victims. In

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