No Budget for Adana Metro in 2019 Metro Investments of the Ministry

ministry's 2019 metro investment does not have the name of the devotee
ministry's 2019 metro investment does not have the name of the devotee

2019 billion 3.2'da 1'da, Ankara 30 billion pounds, Izmir 18 thousand pounds allowance was allocated. Adana has no name in the Cumhurbaşkanı 2019 Year Investment Program an published in the Official Gazette on 2019 Monday XNUMX Monday.

Republican People's Party (CHP) Adana Deputy, Parliament, Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission Member. Prof. Dr. Müzeyyen Şevkin stressed that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has not kept his promise to the judges.

Emphasizing that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which has poured its budget resources into the construction of subways in Ankara and Istanbul, the CHP municipality İzmir and the MHP municipality do not send a single penny to the subways in Adana. Şevkin said, “The Ministry will send another 9 billion lira to the metro in Istanbul and Ankara, where it has spent 4.3 billion liras so far. While only 30 thousand lira is allocated to İzmir with CHP, there is not a single penny for the Adana Light Rail System Project and its second phase! ” he spoke.

According to the 2019 investment program, Dr. Metropolitan Municipality stated that 6 billion 573 million 467 thousand liras have been spent on the metro constructions that should be done with their own resources. Şevkin said, “Another 7 billion 874 million lira will be spent on these metro constructions, which have a total size of 1 billion 61 million lira, and thus the total expenditure will reach 7 billion 635 million liras. The Adana light rail system project, the construction of which started in 1996 and opened officially in May 2010, costs 535 million dollars, continues to be a great burden for the Adana residents. ”


Although the employees of the Adana Metropolitan Municipality have not been able to receive salaries for months, the 40 of the municipal revenues is reminiscent of the fact that the temporary risk of working with temporary admission has been cut to the hospital, the post office, the stadium, the light rail system debt that does not stop at the university and the loss of every day. Şevkin, by the President in the 2011 Adana Uğur Mumcu Square, although the promise of the transfer of the system to the Ministry did not take place, although still promised, the second stage did not start any work, he added.

Emphasizing that Adana was treated like stepmother and taken out of sight, Dr. Şevkin pointed out that the asıyla 18 Investment Program X published in the Official Gazette on the 2019 February 2019 Monday of the Official Gazette was not even worth a penny on the rail system.


He said that Adana had been treated as a stepchild and became a city where the president and the cabinet members were ignored. Şevkin, the investment program in the Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep High-Standard Railway Project, only 291 thousand pounds allowance is allocated, also causing great controversy, on top of the first-class fertile agricultural lands planned to be built on the Çukurova Airport is also seen to be dragged. Dr. Şevkin said, UM For the 2019 year in Çukurova Airport, only 42 thousand 10 liras have been allocated. These figures are proof that the airport is almost shelved. Zar Çukurova Regional Airport, which is filled with inaccuracies from the tender stage to the start of construction and the stop of construction, has also been one of the projects that caused great economic damage. In

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