Afyonkarahisar Small Public Training Rules Training

mass transportation training for children in afyonkarahisarli
mass transportation training for children in afyonkarahisarli

Afyonkarahisar Municipality, Public Transportation Department within the public began to operate public buses 2. Classroom students were trained. The students were trained in public buses on the public buses.


In the trainings, the students were informed about the rules to be followed for the safer use of public transportation and the benefits of public transportation to the environment and country economy. In addition, in the education of students in the primary schools in the Elementary School of the State Elementary Kırman and Rüveyda Eran rules to be followed in public transport was passed to students. Students were informed about the priority to be given to the elderly, pregnant and disabled passengers and the seats that these passengers need to sit on. The excitement of the children in the bus was worth seeing. At the end of the training, Doğa College thanked teachers and officials for their support for the bus operation.

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