One Way Application Starts Tonight in Manisa

manisada one-way application starts tonight 2
manisada one-way application starts tonight 2

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department announced that the new traffic arrangement was made by UKOME decision on some roads within the scope of electric bus routes.

According to the UKOME decision, the following statements regarding the new routes were included: kapsamında Within the scope of the Transportation Master Plan prepared by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, in the city center of Manisa, in order to eliminate traffic congestion by reducing the number of vehicles in the city center, transportation requests such as home, work and school will be the main high passenger transport capacity is planned to be done with electric buses. 28 December 2018 date and 2018 / 142 No. Based on the decision of the General Assembly of UKOME; Manisa Merkez public transportation route arrangements, boulevards, streets and streets where one-way traffic will be applied and the sections where stopping and parking is prohibited on these streets and streets and the suggestion routes for service vehicles at the center have been determined and necessary physical (Road projects, horizontal) and vertical markings, etc.).

In this context; Manisa city center;

-Morris Şinasi Junction from İzmir Street followed by Sultan Mosque junction and Murat Caddesi direction,
- Mustafa Kemal Pasha Avenue, Sekiz Eylul Street, Morris Şinasi Junction
- From the Sultan Mosque Square to 15 July Democracy Square,

- Car traffic on some side streets from ESHOT junction, following Ibrahim Gokcen Boulevard in the direction of Sultan Mosque Square and preferential route of electric buses; 22 February 2019 Friday (Today) will be operated in one direction starting from 23.30 at night (except electric buses and private public buses).

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