Buses with Social Message in Kocaeli

kocaelide airways with social posts started voyages
kocaelide airways with social posts started voyages

📩 09/02/2019 12:30

Transportation Park Inc. 's social message messages began to take the bus. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of Security and Kocaeli University signed an important social responsibility project. Within the scope of the project, the back part of the passenger buses belonging to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park Inc. was dressed with social messages.


In the scope of the project supported by Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of Security, supported by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park Inc., the rear part of the passenger buses serving between the provinces was dressed with social messages prepared by Yıldız Öncü, a faculty member of Kocaeli University Graphic Design Department.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation Park Inc. garage, Kocaeli City Police Deputy Director Kaan Demolition, Transportation Park Deputy Director General Dr. Zafer Aydın, Izmit District Police Director Mehmet Karataş, Public Security Branch Manager Ömer Kodal, Bus Operation Manager Şaban Bayram, Terminal Manager Murat Umut, Community Supported Police Branch personnel attended the meeting.


In his speech at the ceremony, Kaan Yıkılmaz, Deputy Chief of Kocaeli Provincial Police Department; “Today, we are taking part in an important social responsibility project. With the project called ün You Have a Message “, we put the back of our 6 bus to the farthest points of Kocaeli. Here we have a social message with the most common news. I would like to thank the executives of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Transportation Park who have significant support in the project. Proj


Acting Director General of Transportation Park Zafer Aydın said, mut We are pleased to have taken part in such a social responsibility project with the Kocaeli Police Department. Now our 6 is dressed. In the following periods, their numbers will increase. The same messages are also included in the bus. Our aim is to inform our citizens about many public order, especially fraud, during the journey. Ama After the speeches, vehicles went on their first voyages.

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