City Square Car Park Hosts Monthly 20 Bin Vehicle

City Square car park hosts 20 thousand vehicles per month
City Square car park hosts 20 thousand vehicles per month

📩 23/02/2019 11:54

The semi-automatic underground car park, 2018, which was built by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli, to the former governorate area and made Kocaeli the first, was opened in September. Serving thousands of vehicles in the 6 month, the car park, the city center traffic while relaxing the owner of the car provided great convenience. 700 vehicle-visited semi-automatic underground car park with 350 vehicle capacity during the day is home to 20 bin vehicles per month.

The City Square car park is designed semi-automatic. When you enter the car park with your car, the card automatically opens the door to the empty parking space. Car owners also park their vehicles according to him. 10 staff are working in the underground car park, which also provides the security of vehicles at the entrance and exit. The semi-automatic lift mechanism lifts vehicles up and down in a controlled manner. The 7 / 24 surveillance camera, which is controlled by the security camera, does not leave behind the vehicle owners.

FREE 08.00-22.00
Entrance to the parking lot is made from the side of the Ekşi Business Center. 357 vehicle capacity 6 bin 600 square meter car park Belde A.Ş. He is doing. Parking 2019 is free between the 08.00 and 22.00 in the morning until October. For vehicles wishing to park after 22.00 in the evening; 0 lira between 1-4 hours, 1 for 2-5 hours, 2 for 4-6 hours, 4 for 8-7 hours, and 8-10 hours for 8 at XNUMX.

The semi-automatic underground car park, which is free during daytime hours, already has 250 subscribers. Caring for the helpfulness of the staff working in the parking lot and friendly people who expressed satisfaction with the car, no longer hours to find a place to park. Ali Ahmet Unverdi (30), who stated that he has used the underground car park since the day he opened, said, ın I was looking for a place where I could park my car for an hour when I would handle a job at the bazaar. I don't have a problem now. It is also very nice to be free for 1 years now, I am very satisfied. I would also like to thank Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality for implementing such a project. Kocaeli

The project, which was arranged as a subway and six car parks, was an attractive place for drivers with its proximity to Akçaray New Friday tram stop. In order to create a spacious square in the city and also to solve the parking problem of the region, the project provided the city to breathe. The car park has 357 vehicle capacity and has an 6 square meter area of ​​600. Parking was also reserved for disabled and electric cars.

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