They Will Save Life Through Education in Snow

they will save lives with education in the snow
they will save lives with education in the snow

📩 19/02/2019 10:31

Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Kartepe Kuzu Yayla and Molla Yakup Çayırın'e '' Winter Education '' joined the Metropolitan Fire Department. In the 50 team team-intensive training camp, 3 poured sweat during the day. The team, which successfully completed the summer trainings, struggled in a challenging natural environment during the rescue trainings that they took in the snow and mountainous areas.

In order to be able to do rescue work in the snow environment and mountainous areas, the team of 50 trained in Kartepe went to Kuzli Plateau and Malla Yakup Tent with a thousand 550 altitude. The team received training in the areas of safety in the snow, setting the camping area in the snow, walking in the snow, setting up a tent in the snow, searching in the avalanche, and the techniques of transportation in the snow.

Successfully accomplishing snow training, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department will be able to perform search and rescue in the mountains. Fire brigades in the summer life on the coast, winter in the mountains will save lives. The 50 team will then help the people stranded in the snow in difficult winter conditions.

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