Karasu: Kırmızı TÜDEMSAŞ is the Red Line of Sivas Kar

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📩 16/02/2019 14:09

Republican People's Party Sivas Deputy Ulas Karasu, in his speech at the Parliament, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's 8 February, Sivas, his words criticized his rally in Sivas. Karasu said, ir In the past you closed the Dikimevini and Regional Directorates in Sivas, do not try to play different games on this factory. Most of your words remain in the air, they are left to the fate of Sivas. sözler

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republican People's Party (AKP) Ulas Karasu said in his speeches that the remarks made in Sivas in the previous years and these words remained in the air. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that the Sivas-Ankara high-speed train project, which was auctioned in 10, will end in 09.06.2011 at the Sivas meeting held on 2008. On Friday, he said that this project will be completed in 2014.

I hope the project is completed on this date and we don't have to hear a new date in the next selection of the project. However, the foundation of the Sivas - Ankara railway line in the early years of the Republic was laid in 1925. Despite the new exit from the war and the conditions of that period, the railway line 5 was completed in 1930 year. In today's technology, the Ankara-Ankara high-speed train project 12 has not been completed in the year, and it is unclear when it will end, the only reason for the extension of this line is the incompetence of the political power. Bugün


Karasu, who criticized the hospital issue, said, 'The 2011-based Training and Research Hospital was also promised to 600 at the 4 meeting. The hospital is neither a training and research hospital nor a regional hospital. There is an insufficient hospital with insufficient number of doctors. Naturally, the hospital was unable to respond to the need and additional buildings were started two years later. In this process, the State Railways Hospital, the Red Crescent Hospital, the Military Hospital and the SSK hospital were closed and only one hospital was closed instead of the four hospitals that were closed. Te


Karasu also criticized the reaction of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the workers demanding the staff during the rally, talep Recep Tayyip Erdoğan rebuked the employees of TÜDEMSAŞ who demanded the staff at his last rally in Sivas and showed that he was a different politician as he said in the past. in Sivas, the habit of brushing our citizens continued to be the President. The mentioned TÜDEMSAŞ plant was founded in 1939 during the Republican People's Party; Sivas' growth, development and social life, contributing to the thousands of people have provided employment, '' he said.


Regarding TÜDEMSAŞ, Karasu said, fab Now the general directorate of this factory has moved from Sivas to Ankara during your period. In the past you closed the Dikimevini and Regional Directorates in Sivas, do not try to play different games on this factory, this factory is the red line of all Sivaslıların. Again, ignoring the increase in vegetable and agricultural products, as a result of your incompetence in your agricultural policies, and saying, gör They don't know what the price of a bullet is ın is nothing more than being ridiculous with the human mind. This country has sold Iskenderun Iron and Steel Factory, Seydisehir Aluminum Facilities, Aliaga Refinery, Cayirova Glass Factory and Nazilli Sumerbank Factory by selling tomatoes, eggplants, citrus fruits and peppers. And there was no penny in the safe. Now, the point you bring to agriculture, farmers who do not plant the land, imported agricultural products and the end of the order sales queues, "he said.

Karasu, who criticized the words of President Erdoğan before us in Sivas, said, Parti Again, the AK Party Chairman said at the rally, 'Did we have a university in Sivas before us?' Mr. Erdoğan The name of the university in Sivas is Cumhuriyet University, 50 of the Republic. Was established in. 82 Million Citizens who ask what the name of the Republic, Ataturk, an institution that is not done in your time knows. Do you have the name of the institution you have made 17 years in the Republic or the Republic of the Republic of Turkey by saying we have done? AK Party politicians, who did not hesitate to use disinterested language, continued this in the Aydin rally. It is said that Mr. Erdoğan X 18 March Do you know the spirit of 1915? Do you know the soul that shares the soup? 'You learn what the soul is. The commander of that spirit is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Read More Kuvayi Nationalist, the Republic is more, more revolutions, '' he said. (sivasmemleket)

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