Karabağlar Storey Car Park, to be put into service in the summer months

2 parking lot will be put into service in summer months
2 parking lot will be put into service in summer months

2 car park, which is being built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Karabağlar, will be put into service in the summer months. The 160 car park will add a different color to the area thanks to its square above it.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which produces consecutive projects to meet the parking lot needs of the city, continues its works for underground parking lot and the arrangement of the square on it, which is under construction in Karabağlar. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed the basic productions of a 4-vehicle car park to be built on an area of ​​160 thousand square meters in the Selvili District, has also been established as -1. and -2. He also completed the column, iron and formwork concrete manufacturing of the basements. The teams, which ended the rough construction of the building, continue to manufacture and organize the square.

Both square and parking
The new parking lot, which costs about 13 million, will also bring a challenge to the region. The square will be created at the top of the car park, shaded seating areas, moving and stationary water elements, the tree concept integrated into the building, the ceremony area, statue, special lighting and carefully selected materials will add a color to Karabağlar. In the middle of the square, a specially designed tree pit will be planted. Sycamore will be around the pool.

Selvili Car Park and Square review of the work on the site of the Metropolitan Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe, 2 will respond to a significant need in the region of car parking and square arrangement will be ready in the summer months, he said.

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