Journalists Meet in Erciyes


Erciyes hosted journalists from the province of 30 and the traditional journalism competition of the Kayseri Journalists' Association.

With the organization of Kayseri Journalists Association, journalists of 30 province came to Erciyes with their spouses and children. The journalists, who were hosted by the Metropolitan Municipality in Erciyes, experienced moments they could not forget. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik also met journalists with the journalist Yavuz Donat.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Kayseri Journalists Association with the organization of the 30 province of Erciyes journalists and their families participated in the contest with the participation of journalists and journalists were followed by Yavuz Donat. President Mustafa Celik, in this order, Erciyes'ta losing a family interested in a child who has relieved, and soon after his family delivered.

30 joined the peer-to-peer competition with 70 journalist co-children and children. Kayseri Journalists Association President Veli Altınkaya thanked Mayor Mustafa Çelik for his hosting.

Speaking at the award ceremony at the Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, Turkey and urged all to benefit the world at Erciyes beauty. In addition to the publicity activities they have done in many areas, President Çelik stated that they invited occupational groups with different organizations to Erciyes. Organizasyon We want everyone to see these beauties with their eyes. We also get the results of our work. This year, the number of skiers passing through the turnstiles doubled compared to last year. Erciyes is the skier's choice when it comes to such an extraordinary mountain and an excellent business. Bö Mayor Çelik asked journalists to share the beauties they saw in Erciyes with the news and comments they would make in their own provinces.

The former President of Kocaeli Journalists Association, Halit Yılmaz, who was the second with his daughter in the sledding competition, compared Kartepe Ski Center in Kocaeli with Erciyes. Yılmaz said that Kartepe was the closest and easiest to reach to Istanbul and said, 'However, Erciyes another. Erciyes is a large ski center at least 10 from Kartepe. Erciyes'i always watched with goodness and beauty from the television and I hope to see the beauties also, televizyon he said.

Gelen Kayseri is a very exciting city, Küresel said Mehmet Ali Dim, President of the Council of Global Journalists at Erciyes. I come almost every year. The activities of this city are also beautiful. It was a very nice host. We spent moments that we will never forget throughout our life. Ö

Speaking during the award ceremony, veteran journalist Yavuz Donat as President Mustafa Celik had such a beauty and thanked Turkey for all the beauty of such a gain.

Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, in the evening, organized by the Association of Journalists of Kayseri Journalism Competition attended the award ceremony. Making a speech here, President Mustafa Çelik emphasized the fact of internet journalism and expressed the need to unite newspapers as in other sectors.

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