Newly Designed Metro Lines in Istanbul

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Where to Build New Metro Lines in Istanbul: New metro lines projects are underway to solve the traffic problem in Istanbul, which has become inextricable every day.

Turkey's Istanbul pupil who, despite all the measures taken by the folding of the growing population is causing a shortage of transport continue to receive immigration. While new metro lines are planned to be opened in 2019 in Istanbul, the new metro lines seem to solve this problem to a great extent. New metro lines are of vital importance, especially for areas that have been renovated with urban regeneration projects and where new living spaces are built in blocks. Where are the new metro lines planned to be built in Istanbul?

Where Will Istanbul New Metro Projects Be?

There are many metro lines in Istanbul that are planned to go into operation with 2019. The metro lines, which affect the housing prices on the route, are of great importance. There is a significant increase in prices in the houses that pass the metro line nearby. Dudullu - Kayışdağı - İçerenköy - Bostancı Metro Line stands out as one of the most noteworthy new metro lines to be built in Istanbul. The new line includes Yukarı Dudullu - Dudullu - Modoko - İMES - Türkiş Blocks - Kayışdağı - İçerenköy - Küçükbakkalköy - Kozyatağı - Üst Bostancı - Suadiye - Bostancı İDO.

Altunizade - Çamlıca Subway Line

The first stop of the Altunizade - Çamlıca Metro line, which is among the new Istanbul metro lines planned to make its first voyage in 2019, is designated as Altunizade. After leaving the metro line, you will go to Çamlıca, Ferah Neighborhood and then you will reach Çamlıca Mosque station which is the last stop. Ataköy - Basın Ekspres - İkitelli Metro Line, which is one of the long metro stations, will start its services in 2019 again. The metro line will stop at Altunizade station, which is the first stop, and Çamlıca metro stop, which is the last stop, at Ataköy - Yenibosna - Çobançeşme - Kuyumcukent - Doğu Sanayi - Mimar Sinan Street - Evren Neighborhood - İkitelli Junction - Mehmet Akif - Bahariye - Masko - İkitelli Sanayi stops.

2 Hosts Project for Kaynarca Metro Line

Among the 2019 metro projects, Kaynarca 2 has a new project. The first of these is Kaynarca - Tuzla Municipality Metro Line and the second one is Kaynarca Central - Pendik Central Metro Line. The new project, which will connect Kaynarca center with Pendik central metro station, will provide a great convenience in transportation.

Istanbul Metro and Metrobus Lines Metrobus Stations Metro Station Names
Istanbul Metro and Metrobus Lines Metrobus Stations Metro Station Names

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