Allegation that Moving to Istanbul Airport was Postponed Again

transportation to istanbul airport is postponed again
transportation to istanbul airport is postponed again

📩 08/02/2019 13:34

Two times before the suspension of the 3 March announced the move to Istanbul Airport, April, this time the claim was put forward.

29 was inaugurated in October but was moved to 31 in December before 3 moved to December and the new relocation date to April was postponed to Istanbul Airport. Although no official statement has been made yet, Airporthaber has been informed that the opinion for April was put forward.

It was learned that the election work was effective in the decision-making process, while the local elections in March, 31, will take place.

On the other hand, it was learned that Turkish Airlines has revised its plans according to the date of moving.

While there was no written statement from the İGA, the airport was reported to be moved on 3 March as planned.

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