Intertraffic Istanbul Brings Transportation Industry Leaders at Istanbul Expo Center!

intertraffic is bringing together the leaders of the istanbul transportation sector at the istanbul exhibition center
intertraffic is bringing together the leaders of the istanbul transportation sector at the istanbul exhibition center

Intertraffic Istanbul 10. International Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Intelligent Transportation, Road Safety and Parking Systems Fair is being realized with the partnership of UBM Turkey and RAI Amsterdam between 10-12 April 2019.

Intertraffic Istanbul Fair, which is held every two years in Istanbul, which is the center of trade in its region with its strategic location; It is a strategic organization for industry leaders who want to reach the markets of Europe, Asia, Balkan and Gulf countries.

Xnumx'lik% average annual growth rate of Turkey with the fastest growing industries of transportation and logistics industry, thanks to the bridge he built between the west and east of our country and also creates new opportunities for intelligent transportation technology exporters.

Turkey in terms of the road transport sector to meet the ever increasing needs, railways and other transport-related projects show great success in the implementation. Intertraffic Istanbul; In the context of these ongoing works, it is of great importance for the participants who want to make a point.

Turkey between 2023 target in the first place, comes to bring the foreign trade volume to $ 500 600 in exports and imports billion. On the other hand, cargo transportation is expected to reach 625 billion tons. Road investments, share share planned in the railway network, 'Modern Iron Silk Road' project, connecting the sea ports with railways, widespread use of high-speed rail network, new metro lines to be included in smart and developing cities, light rail systems, planned airports, terminal buildings and land different projects in the field of maritime transport emphasize the national and local importance of the sector.

All of these mega projects by giving importance to the transport sector in Turkey and intelligent transportation technologies serving these areas, traffic safety, traffic management and planning, parking systems, establish the most accurate interoperability for transport infrastructure systems professionals, contacts ensure and be informed of sectoral activities in terms of Intertraffic Istanbul makes a difference. In summary, the latest developments in transportation technology, large projects, land, sea, air and rail transport all innovations will be exhibited in Istanbul Intertraffic.

Intertraffic is one of the most important target markets of the sector in Istanbul; particularly European countries, including Turkey, geographical features and Iran because it is accessible, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Africa, Russia and especially Turkmenistan, is expected to significantly visitor participation from Azerbaijan and the Turkic Republics such as Kazakhstan.
determine the future of the countries that Turkey's target markets to develop new collaborations visitors, it will offer new opportunities to the industry. Companies with significant signature in many mega projects in Turkey will be participating in Intertraffic Istanbul.

Intertraffic Istanbul will provide a comprehensive and comprehensive service to the participants and visitors with the ITS UP area dedicated to the conferences program, award ceremony, start up companies as well as the communication of the industry with the latest technology.

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