India's New High Speed ​​Train Failures At First Launch


India's new high-speed train broke down on its first journey a day after the ceremony by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Vande Bharat Express, which is in the semi-high speed train category of India and goes up to 180 kilometers per hour in the trials, failed during the return journey from Delhi to Varanasi.

It was determined that the fault in the train was due to the brakes sticking spontaneously. A railroad sözcüHe argued that the train might have hit a cow before the root of the problem was identified. Immediately after the brakes were stuck, the drivers detected smoke in the last four wagons of the train, and all wagons were powered off.

Due to the first journey of the train, there were many journalists and railway officers on the train. Railway officials and journalists on the train were taken to Delhi by another train.

The train is expected to shorten the travel time between Delhi and Varanasi by six hours, reducing the journey time from 10-11 to 4-5 hours.



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