With Thousands of Staff in Istanbul, AKOM is on Vigilance!

in Istanbul with thousands of staff
in Istanbul with thousands of staff

The western parts of our country, especially Istanbul, have been under the influence of cold and rainy weather. With the effect of the system, the air temperatures decreased from 8-10 degrees to -1 to 2 degrees. Snowfall, which is effective from the evening hours, has started to show its effect by spreading throughout the province.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on 7.083 vehicles, 1.357 vehicles for village roads, 147 tractors and metrobuses on E-33 (D-5), TEM Highway and main arteries in the main arteries.

In order to combat the snow in the streets and neighborhoods which are in the area of ​​responsibility of the district municipalities, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been found in the necessary salt supplements and efforts are being carried out in coordination with the district municipalities in order to prevent any negativity.

With the start of snowfall, IMM has been using 5 thousand tons of salt. Salts are being continued in the overpasses against the icing at the bus stops.

For the homeless citizens, 327 guests are accommodated in IMM's facilities under the winter service. The White Table moves to the 153 immediately for any notifications.

According to the information received from Meteorology, effective snowfall in Istanbul is expected to be effective until Sunday (tomorrow) evening hours.

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