Flexible Barrier from IMM to Metrobus Route

ibbden metrobus guzergahina flexible barrier
ibbden metrobus guzergahina flexible barrier

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality reorganizes the barriers on the metrobus route. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which evaluates the demands from motorcycle drivers, started to construct new barriers that prevent more impacts and cutter impacts than normal barriers.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department started a new traffic regulation on the metrobus route. It was decided to revise the barriers on the D-100 roadway in particular upon requests from motorcycle riders.

After the researches of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the information exchange with motorcycle NGOs, the installation of special barriers began. D-100 metrobüse path on the roadway at intersections and winding followed by the construction of specific barriers breaker closing stroke as well as the space beneath the barrier to be a little more flexible than the normal barrier to prevent them. The new barriers are expected to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes, especially when the cut-off effect is eliminated.

The new barrier closing apparatus designed is 2.5 millimeter thick and 4 meter tall. Steel hair barriers are completely domestic production.

As of January, the construction of special barriers to be made, in the first place on the 20 kilometer route will be held. The first phase is planned to be completed by March.

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