Governor Memis Appears for the Introduction of Palandoken

governor memis palandoken for the introduction of the night slipped
governor memis palandoken for the introduction of the night slipped

In order to promote Palandöken Mountain, one of the world's leading winter tourism centers in Erzurum, Governor Okay Memiş went on a night ski with the protocol. Governor Memiş said that they are targeting 1 million tourists this year at Palandöken Ski Center, which has the longest runway in Europe.

Palandöken, which is 3 thousand 176 meters above sea level, was flooded by local and foreign tourists this year as well. One of the biggest features of Palandöken, where the occupancy rate reaches 100 percent especially on weekends, is that all the tracks are illuminated. Memis of Turkey in the longest ski season in the Governor is okay to night skiing with apartment managers are experiencing in Palandöken, he said the goal is to attract 1 million tourists to the city. Stating that the total track length in Palandöken is 45 kilometers, Governor Memiş said:

“15 kilometers of uninterrupted skiing can be done on the dragon track. According to the figures this year, there is a 150 percent increase in the number of tourists visiting our city. The number of tourists visiting this year reached 530 thousand. As governorship and municipality, our goal is to increase this number to 1 million. Palandöken is getting another 5 star hotel next year. Gendarmerie, AFAD, Municipality, Culture and Tourism Directorate and Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate teams make great efforts for all kinds of comfort to our city and the guests coming to Palandöken. Another feature of Palandöken is the illuminated runways. Ski lovers who are not satisfied with skiing during the day can ski on the 6 thousand 200 meters long track that is illuminated at night. I would like to thank everyone who preferred Erzurum. ”

The Erzurum protocol, which met the ski slopes together with the ski equipment, gave the view of the press members by night skiing under the leadership of Governor Okay Memiş. Following the statements, Governor Memiş and the directors of the apartments climbed to the summit and skied until later in the night.


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