DHMİ Aviation Academy 3rd Anniversary Celebration

dhmi aviation academy 3 was established
dhmi aviation academy 3 was established

Funda Ocak, General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Airports Administration, who met with the staff of the Aviation Academy on the occasion of the 3rd establishment anniversary of the DHMI Aviation Academy, stated that the number of students who have received training at the DHMİ Aviation Academy since its establishment has reached 43.950. .

Ocak shared the details of the establishment anniversary ceremony from his official twitter account.


With globally ambitious new educational vision, DHMI continues to organize training programs for in-house training activities and occupations needed in the aviation industry.

With this vision, we met with our precious friends who served in the Department of Aviation Education at the anniversary of the establishment of the Aviation Academy, which achieved very important successes in a short time.

Then I went to classes and listened to the lectures with our fellow students who had air traffic controller basic education; I gave them a talk about the vision and importance of our organization.

In this meaningful day, I would like to present to you my esteemed followers the achievements that our academy has achieved in two years, aiming to achieve success on a global scale with its educational infrastructure, strong staff and physical facilities.

Despite having a new history as an academic structure, DHMI Aviation Academy, which has a deep-rooted educational tradition, has been trained as of 2018, with a total of 15.000 people, including 37.000 at Istanbul Airport (İGA) and other stakeholders in the aviation industry.

In our academy, the number of students who have been educated and received certificates has reached 43.950.

4.2 million TL income was obtained from the trainings. In addition, previous outsourced training services for in-house personnel have been saved by taking the necessary powers and saving about 20 million.

At every opportunity, education is very important. Education was one of the most important subjects that I worked most during the restructuring process. With this understanding, we established and successfully brought DHMİ Aviation Academy to this level.

Management as "knowledge power" of believing, doing the necessary work in this direction, we now have become one of Turkey's best institutions. We became a brand. Hopefully, we will be a global brand, and we will expand abroad. We will provide more intensive training abroad.

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