Kirazlı-Olympic-Başakşehir Metro Stops and Route

cherry olympic basaksehir metro stops and guzergahi
cherry olympic basaksehir metro stops and guzergahi

The construction of the line between Kirazlı Station and Başakşehir / Metrokent stations started in 2006. From İkitelli Industrial Station, shuttle service is carried out in the direction of Olympic Station. There are even 16 stations, with an approximate length of 11 km. In addition, there are warehouse and workshop buildings in the Olympic campus.


The line has the potential of 70.000 Passenger / Hour on the route where it was built. The Kirazli-Olympic-Basaksehir Metro Line, located at the 11 station, is open between 06.00 and 00.00.


The stations are equipped with 8 meters-long platforms that enable operation with 180 trains. The Mahmutbey Station is an additional 3 that allows for a car park. Built with road. Olympic Station 2 platform - 3 line is built with 2 center platform and 4 line which allows transfer to İkitelli Industry Station. All the stations of the line were constructed as a tunnel / underground station.

The workshop and depot area within the Olympic campus are built on approximately 70.000 m² and the vehicle capacity of the facility is 120. The workshop building with maintenance units consists of an indoor area of ​​10.000 m².

Line tunnels are double tube. The CPC with Kirazlı - Başakşehir / Metrokent and the İkitelli Industry - Olympiad with the NATM method were opened.


Scenarios were prepared against all kinds of negative situations that may occur in the Metro line and simulations were made for these scenarios and solution plans were prepared. With the cameras in the stations, the system is constantly monitored, controlled and controlled by uniformed security personnel.

The system, built with the latest technology, has an interactive (self-adjusting) fire safety system. All equipments used in the construction of the line are selected from high temperature resistant and toxic gas-free materials. In order to ensure safe evacuation of passengers in the event of a fire, there is a smoke control and evacuation system that has been tested according to all scenarios.

The signaling, scissor and vehicle system of the line and storage area is fully automatic and can be operated manually if needed.

The energy supply of the system is made from two different points. If both supply points are disabled, the 15 generators will be activated within seconds and all trains reach the nearest station and can evacuate their passengers. In case the power supply is not provided and the generators are disabled; The lighting system and electronic control systems can be fed through uninterruptible power supplies for 3 hours.


At Kirazlı Station, transfer to M1B Yenikapı - Kirazlı Line is possible. In the İkitelli Industrial Station, transfer to the Olympic shuttle facility can be made before the exit from the system. With this transfer, access can be provided from the Başakşehir area to Büyük İstanbul Bus Terminal and to the Sur.


Başak Houses
Turgut Özal
İkitelli Industry
Ziya Gökalp Neighborhood

* Passengers traveling to Ziya Gökalp Neighborhood and Olympic directions must transfer from İkitelli Sanayi station!

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