2 New UR-GE Project from BTSO

btsodan 2 new ur ge project
btsodan 2 new ur ge project

B in Turkey and exchanges between most of the institutions carrying out the project UR-D BCCI, 2 scored another signature to the new RI & D Project. With the project prepared for the furniture and elevator sector, BTSO increased the number of UR-GE and Hiser Projects to 17 in total.

The Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) strengthens the export-oriented growth of sectors with the International Competitiveness Development and HISER Project carried out by the Ministry of Commerce. Within the scope of the projects launched in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the Bursa business world and the foreign trade volume, BTSO, which has been carrying out 50's overseas marketing activities and 30 procurement program program, aims to increase the number of these projects to more than 25.

2 NEW UR-GE will benefit from more than 60

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which aims to contribute directly to the sustainable development of Bursa and the country's economy, finally completed the application process of UR-GE projects prepared for the elevator and furniture sector. Work has been started for Elevator UR-GE Project, where 26 company is involved with Elevator Ur-Ge Project, where 36 company approved by Ministry of Commerce. The project, which will last for three years, aims to strengthen the export potential of the sector. BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay, UR-GE project will increase the brand value of the sectors, he said.


President Burkay, UR-GE project, training, consulting, overseas marketing and purchasing delegations will be signed, such as noted. As BTSO, they have significant experience in UR-GE and HISER projects; Stating that Oda has now become a center of expertise, Burkay said, ın Our ministry offers significant financial support to strengthen the exporter identity and competitiveness of companies. As BTSO, we are contributing to the sectors' export-oriented growth journey with the UR-GE and HISER projects we have implemented in line with the demands of our business world. B


President Ibrahim Burkay, BTSO'nın space defense and aviation sector from rail systems, machinery sector to the baby and children's garment sector has carried out a large number of UR-GE projects successfully, he said. Elevator industry and the furniture industry UR-GE also noted that the project began on demand from the industry Burkay, "Bursa is one of Turkey's most important furniture manufacturing center position. As BTSO, we pay special attention to the development of the furniture sector. In the new period, we believe that our Furniture sector, which is among our Sector Councils, will achieve new export successes. BCCI also in the elevator sector as Turkey's highest capacity test and certification center that we mesyeb't elevator maintenance, repair, and have the most technologically advanced facilities in the assembly in the country. We aim to increase our competitiveness in the target markets determined by our companies with B2B negotiations and purchasing committee programs to be made within the scope of our Ur-Ge project. Ur


In addressing the importance of reaching alternative markets in an environment where global competition is becoming increasingly difficult, Ibrahim Burkay mentions; . We have to use our export channels effectively for the stronger Bursa in the global arena. Especially in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America, we must feel our strength and potential in alternative markets. We will continue to strive for the benefit of our Bursa Bursa Chamber of Commerce with this benefit. Için

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