Biker Friendly Barrier System Implementation Started in Antalya

biker friendly barrier system application was started from antalya
biker friendly barrier system application was started from antalya

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, launched the “Motor-Friendly Barrier System Application pilot, which was implemented as a pilot with AK Party Deputy Sakarya Kenan Sofuoğlu.

Minister Turhan, Deputy Sofuoğlu and accompanying motorcycle users came together in the Antalya Sarısu picnic area.

Cengiz Sarıaslan motorcycle tour here with Turhan, then the group went to the Antalya-Kemer road Çaltıcak. Here, Turhan started the pilot pilot Biker Friendly Barrier System Uygulam application and said that throughout history, states have been for the safety, peace and happiness of people.

Stressing that there are people on the basis of all the performances, Turhan said that they are working with the concern of providing the peace and comfort at the highest level as well as maintaining the safety of life by the citizens in transportation and infrastructure services.

Turhan stated that the auto-railing system they started in order to minimize the losses and damages caused by motorcycle accidents is an example of this. Motorcycles constitute 14 percent of the registered vehicles in our country. Around 3 million motorcycles are traveling on our roads. These vehicles are ranked third in the fatal and injured traffic accident at 2017. Among the drivers who lost their lives in accidents, motorcycle riders are in second place. ”

“Side crash in the first place in motorcycle accidents”

Detailed examination of accidents involving motorcycles, accident and death reasons by investigating the factors necessary to take the necessary measures, explaining that the Turhan, said:

"The proportion of total vehicles involved in motorcycle accidents across Turkey in the 14 percent. In the road network under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways, the percentage is around 7,5. In terms of the number of accidents in the sections with auto-railing, 26 with side impact is the first. With 24 on the face, tipping, swinging, somersaulting is second. 22 ranks the third of the rear impact with the percentage. Considering the deaths, 26 comes first in the side and in the rear. Obstacle and collision with object in second place with 15 on the face. With 13 on the face, tipping and skidding, somersault, and other causes follow. We have to produce solutions by considering these data. ”

“Motorcycle accidents usually happen during the day”

Motorcycle owners in the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean, especially in the coastal areas, indicating that concentrated in Turhan, motorcycle accidents are usually flat and slope roads, mostly during the daytime, he said.

Turhan stated that the accidents were caused by failure to comply with the conditions required by the traffic and traffic, and that the speed in traffic was disastrous. Iki It is a fact that two or more vehicles were involved in these accidents and the accidents had more fatal consequences for motorcycle riders, Tur Turhan said.

Motorcycle drivers should pay attention to, the road is not a vehicle of everyone in the common use of transferring the Turhan, ministry as a state of physical conditions closely followed, he said.

Turhan emphasized that the reasons for the accidents meticulously followed, and said:

“In some European countries, crash tests are being conducted to reduce the damage in motorcycle accidents. It is trying to establish technical standards. We have initiated a pilot application in areas where motorcycle accidents are concentrated on the roads under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways. It is made by installing additional motorcycle protective rails on the underside of the existing auto guardrails. Because the motorcycle driver thrown from the motorcycle crash on the ground while drifting, auto-railing strut strikes as a result of the greatest injury and fatal accidents that we had identified for this reason. We will expand these systems. ”

Turhan, road safety systems for auto-balustrades in the road network, they are doing some work, research and development studies for motorcycle protection systems, he said.

Turhan said that they started the application within two months upon the request of Kenan Sofuoğlu and that this application will become widespread throughout the country.

After his speech Turhan, Governor Munir Karaloğlu and AK Party Sakarya deputy Sofuoglu and General Manager Abdulkadir Uraloğlu with highways barriers to the road by placing the auto-guard, gave the start of the application.

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