Ceramics Workshop and Museum


The project, which was designed by the architects Semra-Özcan Uygur for the Ministry of Culture within the scope of the National Architectural Project Competition, is located in the area of ​​Ankara Atatürk Cultural Center.

Within the scope of the project works, historical cer workshops were restored and the non-used railway wagons were transformed from the repair building into the Contemporary Arts Gallery. 11.500 is a product of 10 annually, 4.500 exhibition hall, 700 square meters gallery, museum shop, 370 conference room, multipurpose hall, cafe and sculpture park.

CerModern is home to artistic diversity with exhibition galleries, photo gallery, museum shop, conference and multi-purpose hall, artist substitution, café and sculpture area.

CerModern, which aims to become an eserler active living culture center. That is constantly changing, open to change and multifaceted, is making efforts to ensure that people open space for art in their daily lives and that more people meet with art works.

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