Alternative Projects to Bursa Yunuseli Airport

alternative projects to the dolphin airport
alternative projects to the dolphin airport

Yunuseli Mukhtar Ibrahim Spring, the new residential areas with the rising star of the neighborhood voiced. In the new period, the investments will be folded, light rail system and alternative roads will be the center of Yunuseli said Spring, closed the airport for the proposals offered.

Published on Bursada Today TV with the presentation of M.Ali Ekmekçi Sohbet The guest of the chamber program was Yunuseli Muhtar İbrahim Bahar. Stating that the neighborhood is the rising star of Osmangazi, Bahar said, “People from all walks of life live in Yunuseli. We have over 25 thousand voters. 40 thousand people reside. We have a lack of sports facilities, President Mustafa Dündar is also working on this project ”.

Emphasizing that there have been many changes since 2009 when she took office, Bahar said, “The zoning plans will change. Therefore, new residential areas will also change. Yunuseli was a village where fruit and vegetables were produced during the Ottoman period. It was a region where Greeks also lived. Many differences have come up to date but are developing. We embraced Yunuseli and we take it away. ”

Emphasizing that investments to Yunuseli do not slow down, İbrahim Bahar said, “Our street will be connected to Ata Boulevard. The light rail system, which will be connected to the Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal from Küçük Sanayi, will also pass through Yunuseli. "The viaduct to be made over the happy will be an alternative way."

Stating that the biggest problem in Yunuseli is transportation, Bahar said, “The number of buses going to Statue is insufficient. We forcibly took 4 buses, but this number is also insufficient. The trouble between green and yellow buses challenges us. There was a financial problem due to the vehicle exchanges of the Private Public Buses. There are difficulties in returning from novices. Additional expedition is required. We know that the General Manager of BURULAŞ Mehmet Kürşat Çapar spends considerable time working. UKOME makes the final decision, so there must be a common mind at this point. We also lack a service building, a sports facility, a facility where women will be active and the square. There are lands belonging to Milli Emlak, if Osmangazi Municipality makes an attempt in this sense, important contributions are provided. The municipality should pay a little more attention to our neighborhood. I hope the Reconstruction Peace will bring benefits. High voltage lines need a conversion there. "Onion was a good example," he said.

Emphasizing that Yunuseli Airport is preventing the residents of the region, Muhtar İbrahim Bahar said, “When the airport was closed, the floor height also increased. Plans are being made accordingly on Recep Tayyip Erdogan Boulevard. There will be 6-7 storey houses. There are some problems in the occupancy rate due to some economic reasons, but I hope it will be fixed. I think if the airport was a hospital, it could have been built here instead of the Persians. If construction is done here, I will plant the whole neighborhood there and I will not have it done. We are against it. Ask us too. It is one of the most ideal places for the public garden. It can be a social facility area for young people, a park can also be built. We are not given the right to speak in city councils. We also have something to say about Bursa," he said. – in Bursa today

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