Alstom's Electric Transport Solution APTIS Is In Test Process In Spain

alstomun electric transport system in aptis
alstomun electric transport system in aptis

Alstom introduces Aptis, a new transportation experience at a six-week fair in Spain. Aptis will be tested with local transportation companies in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Vigo. The first operational test was held in Madrid on January 4 in January in Madrid. Roadshow will continue in Vigo from February 14 to 22.

“We are delighted that Aptis has increased the interest among Spanish cities with its groundbreaking features,” said Antonio Moreno, responsible for Spain's Alstom. Roadshow is once again a great opportunity to show Aptis's unique capacities in urban settings. "Modern solutions that serve tomorrow's mobility would not have been possible without the interest of the Spanish transport authorities."

Tests in customer sheds and in real working conditions are designed to assess Aptis' unique characteristics in the urban environment, the charging system and traffic performance following the first successful tests in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France.

Aptis, a bus-inspired bus, offers a unique comfort experience for passengers. Low floor and large double doors along the vehicle provide easy access for passengers and wheelchair access. The panoramic windows in the front and rear of the bus have more window surfaces than a traditional bus with% 20.

The vehicle adapts perfectly to the urban environment thanks to its two steerable axles. This performance is an advantage especially in bus stops where the automatic parking system is developed, reducing the space required for stops and increasing accessibility for passengers. Aptis is charged in maintenance hangars at night. Rapid charging is done via an inverted pantograph or SRS, Alstom's innovative ground-based static charging system. With its low maintenance and operating costs and a service life longer than a bus's service life (20 years), the total cost of Aptis is equal to today's diesel buses.



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