Description About Old Garage New Project

about the old garage new project
about the old garage new project

Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa and Şehzadeler Municipality made a joint statement about the Old Garage area.

Former Garage New Project in the joint statement published by the two municipalities, p As known by the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa isa Old Garage New Project Proje named Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Service Building, City Museum, thousand shop marketplace, thousand 500 hall, cinema hall, library The tender for the giant project, which includes the cultural center and youth center, was made on 22 September 2017. Following the tender process, the contract was signed with 27 October 2017. As the construction of the Thursday market moved, the construction area was translated, infrastructure works, floor improvement works, pile driving and construction works were progressing, our country was faced with the economic attack launched through the Dollar. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has come up with some measures. 18 January 2019, the company that won the Old Garage New Project tender in this process, has been published in the Official Gazette 30659 dated and 32 XNUMX. has requested the cancellation of the tender in accordance with the article mad said.
Free Parking and Marketplace

Following the developments, the following was explained: alan After these developments, the Municipality of Metropolitan and Şehzadeler started to work on the evaluation of the mentioned area and it was decided to have free parking lot with the capacity of the market and 1000 vehicle capacity. The reason why the studies could not be started up to date is to wait for the completion of the termination process, as the contracting company has been delivered to the contractor in accordance with the procurement legislation. Since this process will find the 1 month, we will provide the public with the information that it will start quickly after this process. Bu

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