Trakya Advanced Materials Super Alloys and Composite Workshop was held in Çorlu

Thrace advanced materials super alumimlar and composite workshop corlu
Thrace advanced materials super alumimlar and composite workshop corlu

TUDEP / HASUN Clustering, in cooperation with Trakya Development Agency and TÜBİTAK MAM, Namık Kemal University Çorlu Engineering Faculty Conference Hall. Dr. Mümin Şahin, Vice Rector Dr. Bülent Eker, Vice President of TÜBİTAK MAM Assoc. Dr. Murat Makaracı, General Secretary of Trakya Development Agency Mahmut Şahin, Tekirdağ Industry and Technology Manager Fahrettin Akçal, Dean of Çorlu Engineering Faculty. Dr. Lokman H. Tecer and many academicians and students came together with Mr. Murat YETİŞGİN, Chairman of TÜDEP.

In the opening speech of the Workshop, President Yetişgin stated that they are trying to support the localization and nationalization works of the HASUN Cluster, Defense Aerospace and Nuclear Power Plants within the body of TÜDEP and the 400 company from the Thrace Region. These companies are in the development phase of their work for the relevant target sectors, but already, the work has already begun to give results, dozens of the regional firm, defense and aviation, as a producer in important projects began to take part in the supply localization. In defense and aerospace, advanced materials, superalloys and composites, as the main input raw materials, are the sine qua non of production. they are. He also stated that a cooperation protocol was signed with TÜBİTAK MAM as the interlocutor of the subject in terms of R & D and that such studies would be carried out with TÜBİTAK MAM.

Trakya Development Agency General Secretary Mahmut Şahin, stated that they support the activities of TÜDEP HASUN, defense and aviation related localization and nationalization activities in the region in order to increase the share of Thrace Region industrial enterprises in Thrace Region. stated that this workshop is an important part of this workshop and that this Workshop will provide a significant contribution to the companies producing raw materials, alloys, advanced materials and composites in Thrace. Referring to the ongoing URGE and Guided Project works with TÜDEP, Mahmut Şahin thanked the industrialists and guests for their participation and contributions.

TUBITAK MAM Vice-President Assoc. Dr. Murat Makaracı, TUDEP and Trakya Development Agency signed a cooperation protocol with Trakya Region industrialists, TUBITAK MAM facilities and infrastructure they want to benefit from, in many projects in cooperation with industrialists in the region said they could. He stated that joint projects could be developed especially in the development of the main raw materials of defense and aerospace industries such as super alloys, high temperature and corrosion resistant composites.

Rector of the NKU addressed to the participants in the Workshop. Dr. Mumin Sahin, University Industry cooperation activities within the scope of this kind of expressing the importance of expressing the high and industrial value of industrial production in the defense and aviation industry with high added value and strategic importance of products for their participation in the procurement process, it is very important for Namık Kemal University he said. During his tenure, he stated that they would greatly support all kinds of activities that will contribute to the improvement of the University's capabilities and quality.

Mr. Halil Tokel, the Chief Advisor to Halil Tokel, who conducts localization programs for Turkish aviation and defense industry, and aims to add new and highly qualified companies to the process, emphasizes the importance of advanced material alloys and composites, and expresses that they support every kind of investment in domestic production. he. He emphasized that these works are of great importance as a meeting platform with industrialists and emphasized that the need for localization of materials in aeronautics is extremely critical. Tokel said that they will make a total purchase of 2023 million USD until 500.

Speaking at the meeting, NKÜTEK General Manager and Vice Rector Prof. Bülent Eker and Tekirdağ Provincial Director of Industry and Technology Fahrettin Akçal gave detailed information to the participants about the importance of the subject and the industrial production infrastructure of Tekirdağ Region.

On behalf of TÜBİTAK MAM, Dr. Özgür Duygul, TUBITAK about the infrastructure and work of MAM Material Institute, Dr. Prof. Dr. Deniz Sultan Aydın, About Aluminum and Magnesium-containing precision alloys Mehmet Güneş made a detailed technical presentation to the participants about Composite technologies and production.

In the last part of the program, Cengiz Kaya from Kayalar Bakır representing the industrial enterprises in the region, Ali Aktaş from Hema and Şafak Baş from Altek Döküm and Prof. Dr. from Çorlu Engineering Faculty. A panel moderated by Özer Göktepe was organized. In the panel, the subjects such as alloy and materials and composite production were discussed in detail in the industry, including R & D, quantity and scale, market scarcity and export problems.

At the end of the program, TÜDEP Chairman Murat Yetişgin summarized the results of the workshop program and stated that the series of workshops, precision and superalloys and composites, which are planned as a total of 4 sections within the framework of HASUN, will further deepen the issues. he. The most important, industrialists and related sectors for the benefit, lasting and useful results, indicating that the application of the President Yetisgin, TUBITAK MAM and Thrace Development Agency, in particular, and thanked all the parties involved.

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