New Boulevard to Seyhan District of Adana

New Boulevard in Adana Seyhan
New Boulevard in Adana Seyhan

President Hüseyin Sözlü's 5 annual service period that end the fate of traffic to the giant projects of the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana, the center of Seyhan, a new boulevard on the east-west axis won. In the district of Gürselpaşa, the new boulevard with a length of 863 meters and a length of 30 meters was started to be covered with bituminous hot mix asphalt. The decision was taken in Adana Metropolitan Municipality Council and the new boulevard was named as the Special Operations Police Şahin Polat Aydın who was martyred as a result of a mine explosion in Şırnak.

2014 thousand 3 mile asphalt road, 230 pieces and bridges since the 308 62 bazaar, renewing the asphalt of the 1 boulevard Adana Metropolitan Municipality, has added a new boulevard work. The Directorate of Science Affairs teams, central Seyhan District Gürselpaşa neighborhood in the east of the M863 Tepe Shopping Center, a thousand 30 meters long, XNUMX meter-wide Şehit Polis Şahin Polat Aydın Boulevard in the ground, sewage and rain water investments have been completed after the completion of the asphalting work.

The hot-mix bituminous asphalt has been started on the boulevard which is designed as a double direction with 3'er lane. Martyr Police Sahin Polat Aydin Boulevard total 2 thousand 300 tons of bituminous hot mix asphalt will be laid.

Thanks to this newly opened route, the Adana Metropolitan Municipality has connected the Teachers' Boulevard with Abidin Dino Boulevard. Aliya Izzetbegovich, Kıyıboyu Street and Ali Bozdoğanoğlu boulevards were also given access to four different traffic routes.

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