Intertraffic in Transportation Industry Meets in Istanbul!

Intertraffic Istanbul
Intertraffic Istanbul

📩 25/01/2019 11:35

Intertraffic Istanbul 10, organized by UBM Turkey and RAI Amsterdam. International Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Road Safety and Parking Systems Fair 10-12 brings together the leaders of the transportation and infrastructure sector between April and 2019 under a single roof at Istanbul Expo Center Uluslararası

Intertraffic Istanbul, which is held every two years in Istanbul, which is the center of trade in its region with its special strategic position that unites the continents of Asia and Europe; More than 125 visitors are expected to visit 5 with more than XNUMX companies looking to reach European, Asian, Balkan and Gulf countries.

Turkey's highway investment 76 billion dollars reached to the industry's only international organization that demonstrates the difference with Intertraffic Istanbul feature to be fair; Intelligent transport systems, traffic safety, traffic management and planning, parking systems, transport infrastructure systems and smart mobility industry professionals will be able to establish international connections for three days.

Intertraffic sector is the most important place among the target markets, mainly Turkey and European countries as well as the geographical feature and also because it is accessible Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Africa, Russia and especially Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and the Turkic the Republics such as Kazakhstan significant visitor participation is expected.

determine the future of the countries that Turkey's target markets to develop new collaborations visitors, it will offer new opportunities to the industry. Companies with significant signature in many mega projects in Turkey in bilateral talks and investment, will be participating at Intertraffic Istanbul.

Intertraffic Istanbul will be a comprehensive and comprehensive host to the exhibitors and visitors with the ITS UP area dedicated to conferences, award ceremony, start-up companies as well as brokering the establishment of commercial business associations and bringing the sector together with the latest technology.

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