TÜLOMSAŞ Produced Domestic and National Car Transportation Wagon

tulomsas produced domestic and national vehicle transport wagons
tulomsas produced domestic and national vehicle transport wagons

📩 21/11/2021 13:00

TÜLOMSAŞ broke new ground in domestic and national production and produced domestic and national vehicle transport wagons. It was stated that the Vehicle Transport Wagon manufactured in TÜLOMSAŞ was designed as closed and twin wagons for use in import, export and domestic transportation of motor vehicles such as cars, light commercial vehicles, minibuses, closed boxes and tractors.

Closed wagon construction provides protection against external interference as well as atmospheric conditions for the vehicles transported. The vehicle transport wagon, which can take a total of 6 vehicles, including 6 cars and 12 light commercial vehicles, has an electric and manually controlled mobile platform that can be adjusted according to different vehicle heights. By lowering the movable platform, it is also possible to transport van, minibus and tractor.

The 200 truck can be carried with the 34 truck while the same number of vehicles can be carried with a rolling stock 17. With its TSI Certificate, the Car Transport Wagon, which can transport in the European railway network, is a competitive product for Europe and the world market.

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