TÜDEMSAŞ's Goal is to Localize Freight Wagon Production Hundred Percent

tudemsasin target yuk wagon production
tudemsasin target yuk wagon production

Under the leadership of TÜDEMSAŞ, studies on the localization of 100 in freight wagon production continue without slowing down. One of the most important and require the production of cars began to study technology for producing parts of the brake system in Turkey.

TÜDEMSAŞ, the companies that produce on rail systems and railway machines came together to initiate work on the localization of the braking systems that require technology and which are not produced in our country. The brake system is engaged in the production and trade relations with many countries worldwide with Knorr Bremse companies also participated in the meeting of the top executives of talks was held on Brake System to be produced in Turkey. TUDEMSAS General Manager Mehmet Basoglu and the top management of the company, Knorr Bremse company Peter Karius and Dr. Elstorpff, Mazlum Motor, War Mazlum, Famec firm Fatih Akgöz, Fre-Sis Hakan Yilmaz and Murathan Tekin attended. During the meeting, opinions were expressed on the cooperation of CFCB Compact Brake System production in our country. Company representatives then received information about the production plan of the company and the wagons produced by visiting the production sites of TÜDEMSAŞ.

Although TÜDEMSAŞ produces all of the body / chassis components of the freight wagons with domestic facilities, it has to procure parts such as wheels and braking system which are not domestic production from abroad. Upon the initiative in the wheels of the wagon produced in Turkey this assembly needs of the industry with mass production starting Kardemir's local capabilities it will be met. The target of 100 localization in freight wagons will be achieved after the production of non-domestic production of brake components in our country.

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